"Sorry, mom."

Translation:Извини, мама.

November 23, 2015

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Why not извините? Because you'd never be formal with your mother?


Not unless you are from the 19th century. In modern language thou shalt not use polite forms with members of your family and with kids.


:-) While we're at it, why мам and not мама?


Ah, fixed.

You might recall that some languages have the Vocative case: the form of the word that you use while addressing a person (by their name, title etc.) Russian lost it long ago but, amazingly enough, in contemporary Russian forms of Neo-Vocative arised for informal names and for very few nouns (мама and папа, essentially). The last vowel sound gets removed:

  • Александр(а) → Саша → Саш
  • Иван → Ваня → Вань
  • Пётр → Петя → Петь
  • Алексей → Лёша → Лёш
  • Мария → Маша → Маш
  • Елена → Лена → Лен
  • Екатерина → Катя → Кать
  • Сергей → Серёжа → Серёж
  • мама→ мам
  • папа → пап

These are optional, and the system is nowhere near well-built (I mean, why only a few dozen names have it?) but they do act as a Vocative, while having nothing to do with Russian historical Vocative (still crystallized in Боже! "God!")


Thanks! Cases are so confusing...


It is beyond the 6.5 cases we teach here. Neo-Vocative is optional, though you will hear it used sometimes. So it's useful to know your ears did not fail you when you thought you heard «Эй, Саш!».


6.5 cases? Now I'm really confused. But yes, it is good to know. :-)


And if you are really, truly sorry, and want to express your utmost respect with your apology?


You still don't switch to "вы" with a parent. It would just sound weird. Switching to "вы" when you talking to a friend or a close relative is likely to come of as cold and distancing rather than respectful.

Conversely it can actually be used as a joke or mocking. Something like "well, excuse me, Your Highness". So also not suitable for a sincere apology. But possible in a good natured banter.


so whether Извини means "sorry" or "excuse me" is based on context?


prasti menya is I'm sorry as in forgive me


How do we know that no one in this world can be formal with their mother? I am Welsh, and I could never say ты to her even though we were close.


me in 2017 after my parents found out i'm gay


What about, "Сорри, Мама"?


It would sound kind of funny in russian (especially with a mother), cause we don't use words from foreign languages that often. But actually you could use 'сорри' instead 'извини' in an informal situation, for example with your friends.


I'm striking out with the limited translations Duolingo wants. It did not accept я извиняюсь мама.


How do I do a й without the thing above it? Just a и? And how do I do щ instead of ш?

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