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"Han er det siste jeg tenker når jeg legger meg."

Translation:He is the last thing I think about when I go to sleep.

November 23, 2015



Does this mean "the last thing" as in "I never would think about him" or literally "he is the last thing I think of"?


It could mean either, depending on whether we're dealing with someone's latest crush or quite the opposite.


How do I say: unrequited love ?


shouldn't "he is the last ONE I think of when I go to sleep" be accepted?


If the sentence had started with "Han er den siste...", then that would be the translation.

As it stands, using "det", he really is the last thing - not just the last person - so there is a small difference there. Tbh, this is better expressed in Norwegian than in English, where referring to someone as a thing is a tad questionable, and omitting the word as is done in Norwegian sounds less idiomatic.


You answered my question before I asked it!


Ohhhh. Tusen takk. I just got this wrong by putting "one". :)


Why is this not "Han er det siste ting jeg tenker på når jeg legger meg."?


*den siste tingen. You can say that too, but it's not required in Norwegian for this phrase....but it wouldn't be natural /edited


While you're correct about the inflection, it wouldn't be natural to call a person a thing in Norwegian. It would be fine as a direct translation, but the meaning would be lost, so it'd be wrong. 'ting' isn't as often used as an abstract entity as in English.


Don't get me wrong, I'm trying to comprehend but still do not get why there is 'det' here. What part of the sentence indicates that it must be definitely 'det' but not 'den' then?


Both are accepted in this case. It's either an abstrat 'det' or a more definite 'den'. ('den' may refer to a person, a bit less definite than 'han/hun').


Takk for forklaringen din!


Duo is often the thing I think about, when I wake up! Is it vaeret or vaeren or legger la or ligger laa oh dear now I'm wide awake, and it's only 3.15am


i get it right each time but the program slot is not long enough to contain the whole sentence and i cannot shift to a new paragraph- get it? It's the program which doesn't make the slot large enough


'I put my daughter to sleep every second night' = 'Jeg legger dattera mi annenhver natt'?

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