"У неё большие уши."

Translation:She has big ears.

November 23, 2015

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Бабушка. какие у тебя большие уши!


Бабушка - злой волк!


Привет, Чебурашка!

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    I think Cheburashka is он, not она́ (therefore it should be у него́, not у неё)... I haven't watched the cartoon for ages, but I think the Cheburashka's songs starts with «Я был когда́-то стра́нной игру́шкой безымя́нной» 'I was, some time ago, a weird nameless toy', with the masculine form «был». :?


    You're absolutely right, but I was only trying to be facetious, not grammatically correct.


    The cartoons are on YouTube! They're really cute. I wish I'd seen one when I was over there in 1974. I never heard of Чебурашка until today.


    Japanese folks love this cartoon. I must admit though, it was very weird to me seeing Чебурашка and Гена speaking and singing in Japanese. :)


    I love that cartoon. It was one of the first things I've discovered back when I began learning Russian.


    Be careful duo it might be the big bad wolf disguised as your granny.


    I love how this part of the course either offers you good pickup lines or lots of ways to insult someone. Nothing in between.


    Is уши the plural of ухо? I'm asking because my russian speaking wife says also ухи for plural.


    "Ухи" is slang or regional dialect, definitely not the correct plural for "ухо". "Уши" is the grammatically correct word for the plural of "ухо". This is one of those irregular plurals in Russian, kind of like child -> children in English.


    Does this only means she have physiologically large ears or does is also means she's eavesdropping?

    [deactivated user]

      Most likely physiologically.


      You are right, I am not aware of a Russian idiom that ties big ears with eavesdropping.

      "У неё/него длинный язык" would refer to a person who shares information he/she is not supposed to. It can also refer to the physiological tongue, like Gene Simmons type. ;)

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