"Я не знаю, где север."

Translation:I do not know where the north is.

November 23, 2015

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I used "I don't know which way is North," which was marked incorrect. It's not a word-for-word translation, but I think that since it's a common way of saying it, it should be accepted.


"I don't know which way is North" would be "я не знаю в каком направлении север". It is a little bit different sentence.


Agreed, "where is north" sounds janky and unnatural


"where north is" reads better & is accepted.


the audio for "север" sounds nothing like it - sound like серa or something


Same here, I wish you could choose between the male voice and the female voice because I can hardly ever understand the male voice


I had exactly the same problem, I could not make out север but always heard село "village" ...


Absolutely, whenever I listen to this speaker, is a guessing game and I'm usually wrong. No problem with the other speakers. So frustrating.


I did run into a few exercises in my last lesson in which 'две' and 'три' in the female voice were almost indistinguishable. Both sounded distorted, so it may have been a bandwidth problem. (I have 120Mbit service, but I'm currently actually getting about half of it.)


Yep, they cant even get proper speakers. No Russian will be able to understand us , no thanks to them.


This male TTS voice is awful, very hard to understand. 'Север' sounded like 'седа'.


Did anyone else start actually wonder where the North and South are from the point where you are right now? Took me a couple minutes to figure it out. ^^'


Why is "North" capitalized? Does this not mean the direction?


It does refer to direction. Likely it was just a mistake that needs to be reported.


Could be the son of Kim Kardaisian !


You capitalize the direction, or at least that's what I was taught.


Maybe that's an old fashioned thing. I've never learned to do that. It seems to be capitalized in fantasy stories a lot.


Блин, послышалось : " Я не знаю, где сервер" ))))


Wouldn't куда sound better than где here?


"Куда" is used with direction of movement, and "где" is used with location.


"I know not" not accepted lol I'm still reporting it, even if it's a little posh.


I see that someone capitalized


"I do not know which way is north"?


There are some subtle differences in English. Note the capitalisation:

  1. I do not know The North. (I am not familiar with - e.g. never visited - a region, probably in the north, called "The North")
  2. I do not know where The North is. (You recognize a region called "The North", but you do not know its boundary or its relative direction)
  3. I do not know which way is north. (a relative direction, either geographic or magnetic. This is the most natural way to say you don't know your orientation, and is actually a saying "don't know which way is north")
  4. I do not know where north is. (Synonym to the above, but could also mean you don't identify a direction on a legend. E.g. you are looking at a map and the direction on the map is ambiguous)
  5. I do not know where north is. (Second case, absolute position. E.g. if you are examining a magnet, it has a point on it named north)
  6. I do not know where the North Pole is. (Another absolute position, but this time it is the global north point - e.g. if you are examining a globe model, or functional synonym with 3 since direction to the North Pole is always "north")

So there are three different possible capitalizations: north, The North and the North Pole.

There is no correct example in English, "I do not know where the north is."

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