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Important Notice About Time Zones

Time zones can be confusing to keep track of when trying to maintain a long streak. We want Duolingo to follow your local time, even when you are traveling. We are therefore testing a new feature on some accounts. When those accounts visit the Duolingo website, we'll attempt to determine and update the time zone automatically. Those users will not have to worry when they decide to travel and put those language skills to the test in a new country!

And if you do change time zones, your Coach will travel with you! Your Coach will let you know how much you still need to practice in a day to maintain your streak. If you haven't enabled your Coach yet, visit https://www.duolingo.com/settings/coach and set a goal.

Remember that no matter where you are, you need to meet your XP goal every day before time runs out (at midnight) in order to maintain your streak. Your Coach will always let you know how much time you have left.

time left

More helpful info can also be found at https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204980880.

Safe travels!

November 23, 2015



what will happen when people pass over the international date line? Such as flights from north america to Australia where the time zone switch swallows a day. Will this affect streaks?


I don't know the answer, but always buy streak freezes just in case! It will keep your flame alive for one day.


i wish you could buy multiple streak freezes!


I agree. Where I live it sometimes happens that we get weather conditions which cut off power for several days at a time. Having bought one streak freeze would not cover that situation.


such a long streak!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Chance! You can read the replies for explanation


Where do you live madam? As we have the same issue in Egypt :(


We are in Eastern Canada. After a heavy snowfall or freezing rain, the power lines sometimes break due to the weight. If this happens in a widespread area the existing repair personnel just can't deal with it all at once.


@Darkrai007 Who cares? That ain't your problem. Is it?


I had no intention to bother you with all these langauges DARK Rajdip :P :D

It's just that I study linguistics, and needed to get an insight about the languages families and roots. So, I didn't pretend that I speak all these languages, but I can recognize them (all what matters to me)!

Finally, the levels that you see next to my name isn't true; for example I reached LEVEL 12 in (it was shows as 3 yesterday) German and 14 in English. LONG-TIME BUG


you are learning so many languages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do you do it?


He is not doing it properly. It's obvious from the very low level of majority of the languages. It is practically, rationally, logically and theoretically impossible to learn 14 languages from scratch, all at the same time.

There is no need to be so impressed. If you want to build a proper language core go for at maximum 2 totally distinct languages at the same time with one much harder than the other-that's the advice all Polyglots provide.

You can read more here- http://www.thepolyglotdream.com/learning-more-than-one-language-at-the-same-time/


emptystackexn- Duolingo serves the society by teaching languages and being a part of the Duolingo family, it is also my responsibility to ensure the society is served properly, so far language learning is concerned. Just because a few people start learning all the available languages simultaneously as if there is no tomorrow, doesn't mean it's a very logical approach to achieving "fluency" in all of them in a short period of time. Instead multitasking is actually one of the biggest hindrance to efficient learning because your time, focus and energy is getting split among the languages. I don't want the other learners to get MISGUIDED into believing if one can do it, so can they because the one who is doing it, is not doing it properly. It is not possible to do it properly. Every brain has it's limits. So in my own way, yes, I do care. I want everyone to learn the languages properly & efficiently.


I agree 100%! Then, we can enjoy our however long vacation without worrying of our streak on Duolingo because it'll be taken care of!


But also, that would badly effect our learning purposes. If you have a lot of lingots, you can continue the streak freeze for days...and who knows? EVEN YEARS! Duolingo...NOBODY would want that, now, would they?


yeah, but you should have a limit of like five or something. I completely agree with you though!


yeah, good idea! but that sometimes effect the sessions you finished. Well, like the streak freeze makes the session say that you haven't practiced enough. Weird...


I am confused. to buy streak freezes? flame alive? please more info on this. So far I am keeping my evedy-day-track but just in case


We just got back from New Zealand and it maintained my husband's streak even though we "lost a day." That said, I don't guarantee it will work for everyone as I am far from a developer. I just know it did not cost him a streak freeze, nor his 540 day streak.


That might be different going the other way, though, because going from New Zealand to the States goes back a day, instead of forward a day. But good to know, anyway! :-)


Sorry for the confusion, I should clarify: It worked for the States to New Zealand, even though we lost a day on the way to Christchurch. We woke up and thought it would cost a streak-freeze but it did not. Sadly, when we were in the mountains and had no data or wifi he did, ultimately, lose his streak of 540+ days, so I cannot vouch for New Zealand to the States because he was a little too disheartened to pick it up on the way back. :-/

I do wish they would have a "longest streak" record somewhere on your dashboard or profile. Otherwise, once you lose it it's like you had nothing to show for it, and that is a huge bummer as my husband worked hard to maintain his streak, whereas mine was like 20 days and we both woke up 0s...it just doesn't feel fair to him but I'm not the first to say such a thing... :P


Oh, OK. Maybe Duolingo is smart enough to deal with it?


Underwood.jones, thanks a looot for sharing your experiences! Stay safe! =)


Thanks! I do my best :)


I agree that there should be a record of the longest streaks. Otherwise once it's gone there's no evidence of it having existed. I think losing a streak would be a lot less demoralizing if you could still point to it afterwards as an achievement. It would also provide a target to beat for another go around.


Yes! The "record to beat" aspect is especially appealing. We need a record of our longest streak as something to strive to improve upon.


A record streak would be great and fits in neatly with Duolingo's gamification style. I agree, that it would serve as a target for us to improve on (just like high scores in video games) and also be a record of our achievements that we can display.


A record streak is a wonderful idea.


While I agree that a "record streak" is something most of us want to achieve, I believe a better description of the requested feature would be "streak record" ;-)


For now, you can record it in your bio or somewhere so you don't forget how long it was. But I agree it would be nice if Duolingo did that for you.


i will tell this to a moderator it is such a cool idea!


I hope the joy of visiting New Zealand compensated for the loss of the streak! i think it surely would for me but i am at just a lowly 22 day streak as we speak. But did you enjoy your trip to NZ? :)




NZ was wonderful! We were on the south island and saw penguins and kiwi and all other sorts of adorable flightless birds, as well magnificent scenic backdrops and glorious hikes. :) I highly recommend it, even if you lose an impressive Duo streak. :)


how does he have such a long streak and what does he learn!!!!!!!!?????????????


He's a very disciplined person ;) And he was learning Spanish at the time, but he's branching out into French now. :)


I know, @TheChessWizard! I have one language and I'm pretty awful at it. I have a zero day streak too


Wow! 14 languages! Where are you from,BTW?


Lots of people try out different languages on Duolingo, it doesn't mean that we're going to become fluent in all of them :P


Buy still I would you one language at a time


When I started French I decided I'd be better off not trying to learn a bunch of languages at the same time. Somewhere along the line I decided that I would not start learning any of the other romance languages while I was still working on learning French. I picked up Russian when it became available due to a personal connection.


And here I am trying to learn three languages at once, including two closely related ones. I suppose everyone's different, so some people can do that and others can't. Or others do do that, and others don't, even if they can.


I am learning a bunch of languages, Spanish doesn't count though as I am a native speaker, at least in the home. Portuguese is easy to pick up because of that, but I am not sure how it is going to go as I learn Italian and French as well. I also want to learn Romanian when it's available. I might be a bit overzealous. I can't really get into Esperanto though, I think someone has to convince me of that yet! :P


@A_User I am doing Spanish and french, and half the time I get words mixed up! My teachers just look at me for a second with the are-you-kidding me face, which I do not like... :-*)


@bluebuuny84ppg I do that sort of thing sometimes as well. :-) One time I was talking to a French friend in French, or so I thought. And then I noticed her blank face, and apparently I'd been speaking Polish. :-)


@bluebunny84ppg Well, everyone around certainly found it amusing. :-) I don't remember what I said now, but some of the Polish words sounded like random French words which made it even more confusing. :-)


@A_User that had to be funny...




I focus on Spanish, but I try out other languages for fun.


I worked on French and Spanish simultaneously without a problem, because the vocabulary and pronunciation of each were dissimilar enough to me to not interfere with one another. But now I have decided to complete Russian first, and then return to Ukrainian, so there is no confusion in my head during the learning process.


That's really cool! I'm planning on doing the Hebrew course once it comes out, and maybe the French course after Spanish.




Set your coach settings to 1XP per day and then wake up early morning and do it first when you wake up and have a glass of water. do this for 40 days and it wall be easy thereafter!


I'm from Canada, I'm only new to a handful to be fair. I'm generally fine as long as I don't try any scandanavian languages in a row, they're too similar. I'm doing a bunch because I'm out of work due to disability, and this is like the only thing I have to occupy my time. I'm not doing them equally though.


In October I flew Melbourne - Hong Kong - Chicago and then Chicago - Hong Kong - Melbourne. I bought a streak freeze before the return flights but it didn't get used. My streak was maintained crossing the international date line in both directions. I had plenty of time to use Duolingo in transit lounges :)


Going over the international date line would be a 23 hour difference so you would have at least a hour. For Example: You are on a flight from California to Australia and you cross the international date line at 11:59 PM(23:59) then the time would become 10:59 PM(22:59) and it would be the next day


Oh-Noes Christmas style!



I once lost a 620 day streak by less than an hour because I was traveling (even to practice the language I was learning!), and the time zone calculation I did was off by an hour.

This would have been nice to have.

It would also be helpful to put the "___ hours left" message somewhere on the iphone app. While traveling, I use my phone for DuoLingo, so I did not see that message.


Wow! And I felt disappointed when I lost my 70 day streak. Now I have done from scratch and came up with 122. Still I am nothing compared to you! P.S.. Have a lingot, buddy!


I also lost my ca. 100-day streak while travelling. I wrote to DL, begging them to restore it, but they did not answer. I was so disappointed I boycotted DL for about three months (I planned on quitting but then got sucked back into it).

I really think they should award 100-day badges or show our longest streak.


Interesting to hear your story!

My own loss was 50+ days, Luis himself was on the discussion page and showed the graph they had on their servers of my streak -- which was different from the one my app showed me (as if the two wouldn't come from the same source!), but my boycott only lasted a couple of days... :-)


We might have started DL about the same time, May of 2013... I see you are a candidate for the Finnish course; that's exciting! I'm half Finnish, or maybe a quarter + a quarter Swedish - I need to do more research. Do you know Zzzzz? -- also Finnish; a very nice person, and a DL buddy of mine.


Ah, I only started here in October 2015 (edit: 2013) -- oh, that fateful day. :-) Before that, I was only really learning one language at a time, and had given up on ever really learning Russian or French...

So you should really learn Finnish, then! How's your Swedish? Vill du öva dig på att använda den? I'm bilingual, so I applied for building both, but the Swedish course is indeed very nice even without having had me on the team. ;-)

I do know Zzzzz a little bit, and would love to work with her on the course! She knows the structure of Finnish much better than I do, I'm just someone who translates a lot in my day job.


This seems like a good feature as long as it doesn't cause the end of the day to be earlier than it would have been otherwise and never checks the streak before 24 hours have passed.

For instance, if you go from California to New York, you should at least have until midnight PST to meet your goal, not midnight EST. Also, for trips crossing the International Date Line, giving at least 24 server hours since the last check is critical.


Can you guys please let me disable the coach? I have it at 1 xp, but I'd still like to actually disable it.


There's a userscript somewhere that lets you disable the coach. I'll go try and figure out which.

Sorry, I didn't find it, but if you check out the list of userscripts on the Wiki (just search for "userscripts"), you might find something I missed.


About time. People have been asking for this for the last three years.


This is one of the things that made me quit Duolingo and then later join again with a new account when I moved from Texas to California. I couldn't stand that the clock was rolling over at 10pm at my new home and that it wouldn't let me fix it. Thank you for finally addressing this.


The time keeping is really improved, thank you!

Now... for me, I go off the grid on backpacking trips where i am without any signal at all for a week or more. I would love to buy a vacation. I suggested this last summer and was rather directly dismissed by the crowd. However, wouldn't it be nice if we could buy more than one day of streak freeze, say once a year? It could be a rather high "price," say 100 or 200 hundred lingots, to prevent too much use. The streak is a very important motivator for me, but so is the call of the wild.


I suggested the same thing a while back. I'd love a very expensive vacation mode--a way to use up the excess lingots and also go camping without losing my streak.


So if you end up missing your daily goal and you want to maintain your streak, start running west, and fast.


Nahh, unless you're right next to the edge of the timezone running isn't likely to help. Keeping a small personal jet on standby might be a good option though. ;-)


I've noticed this feature has been around for a couple of weeks now. I went to Hamburg, and the app automatically changed the time zone. But when I came back (to the UK), 'midnight' was 11pm, and didn't change for a few days. I subsequently lost my 'French streak'.

Has this been fixed since?


How could you lost a streak 3 weeks ago and now have it at the 891?


They specifically said "French Streak". There are two types of streak that Duolingo keeps track of, an individual language streak for each language you study, and a "site streak" which is language agnostic. It is the latter that gets displayed on the site.
There's a userscript you can get that will show you the individual streaks for each language. If you want it, It's linked from the comments in the "duocheck" thread.


I seem to be one of the few travelers who is not a fan of Duolingo changing to match the local time zone. I've been traveling for 2.5 years, and I liked knowing that wherever I was, the clock reset at midnight in Nicaragua (where I created the account). It was clear exactly when I needed to do Duolingo before/on/after travel days.

Now there's uncertainty. Will 'midnight' reset as soon as I open Duolingo in the new time zone? Or will it reset only after midnight has passed in the old (or new) time zone? Or will it take a few days to catch up? Since the change, I've only traveled west, so my "Duolingo day" has gotten longer a couple times, but what happens when I travel east or over the international date line? (Use the streak freeze and hope for internet in airports, I suppose...)

I'd love to be able to agree to or decline an update to the time zone, with an option to "ask again in 24 hours," or something if I decline.


will the time completely reset if someone crosses the international date line or will it end the day and end your streak if you go a certain way,


Came here to study languages, not to get lingots or streaks... Anybody else?


Sure, but keeping up a streak is one way to stay motivated, you can't afford to slack off if you want to keep one up. Having a long streak is something to take pride in, an indication of how dedicated you have been in your studies. When you've successfully kept up a streak for a long time, losing it can itself be quite demotivating.


Indeed. The streak is only one of the things that makes Duolingo addictive, but it's a pretty obvious one.


I partially agree with you but learning only for high numbers is strange. Learning languages enhances brain work, they have interesting sides and let you immerse into a part of foreign culture; they can help later in life, also employers need workers like that- those are the things that motivate me not to give up. I do not need any number to remind me how dedicated i am, because i know when i was being lazy or when i was being productive. I keep few reminders that tell me "what am i doing this for?" , "why do i need this?" in my head and they help me not to give up doing things im currently doing/ learning.


Obviously there has to be some other motivation to learn a language or you would never get started in the first place. Such things would never be the reason to study the language, but they can and do provide a specific motivation to always take at least one lesson every day.


To my mind, if you know why you learn the language and what you learn it for, then you are more likely to be consistent and dedicated without thinking about streaks or lingots, rather than those who take duolingo as a "compete with friends" game. Those might give it all up after just a few years. And I'm not talking about you, it is my thought, I think some people here really don't know what they are doing here.


You could well be right, but I suspect you are missing the point. Everyone here has their own reasons for wanting to learn another language, and everyone has their own priorities. For someone who places a great personal importance on their language learning perhaps these numbers are irrelevant. For others however they provide a useful tool to help keep them focused.

When I started taking French lessons towards the end of last year, it was actually a completely impulsive decision. I kept seeing Duolingo any time I opened the Google Play store on my phone, and one day I thought, "why not give it a go?" And so I did.

I chose French because I had previously come across short segments of French dialogue in stories, and had wished to be able to understand such passages without having to run them through a translator first.

With no more motivation than that I took my first steps in learning a new language. Two months later I found myself somewhat surprised to realise that not only was I was still at it, but I also had a 60 day streak counter to confirm that I'd been at it every single day of that entire period.

The gamification is a big part of what makes duolingo so engaging, and I rather suspect that for many people, that makes all the difference between giving up and putting in the persistent effort required to actually learn another language.


While I agree that minimal effort will provide minimal results, It's not really relevant to the point.

Going back to your original question, there is only one way for duolingo to influence how dedicated the student becomes, and that's by making the system as engaging as possible. Lingots, levels and streaks are simply tools that help to engage the student's interest, and they obviously work in that regard. A student who is more engaged is in turn more likely to be willing to put in more effort to achieve their linguistic goals. In the process they may find new inspiration that then motivates them to go beyond duolingo and truly become fluent in their new language.

How far they take things and whether or not they put in enough of an effort to actually be useful is entirely up to the student and beyond duolingo's control.


I understand you and yes i agree that we have different priorities , but being focused and learning every day doesn't necessarily mean you are doing it efficiently unless you have great memory and can remember rules and words right away. I'm saying that because everybody can choose 20 exp daily plan, and get those streaks day after day. There is no much effort needed to learn 2 short lessons, however our brains need a lot of practice every day if want to remember something and keep it in our memory longterm. If theres little practice - theres decent streak but many problems, some topics are forgotten, some rules faded away from the memory in no time. Sadly when difficulties begin many learners get upset and give up.

Also no matter how hard or not hard you study on duolingo i think there is absolutely no problem in reaching 25th level.The duolingo team is doing a great job though, yet i cant tell their system is perfect because one can reach 25 level and end up not understanding almost anything.

A lot depends on a person though, for example you put quite enough effort and don't limit yourself with only reaching your daily goal of 50. Once you reach the top level you won't have problems dealing with French because your determination let you study every aspect of the language and you did a lot of strengthening exercises in order to create strong memory paths in your brain.

But some guy named Peter decided to learn arabic, set 20 as his daily goal and despite of learning new topics everyday and getting more streaks, lingots and other stuff by the end of his studies he understands nothing because he forgot many things he learned in the beginning and middle. Because Peter thought consistency is the only key, he had a huge streak but he had completely forgotten that ammount of time spent at learning matters a lot more

If somebody takes all these graphics and things tracking progresses and reminders too seriously, that person probably can't even do house chores unless mom reminds

Have luck at mastering languages though. And thanks for sharing your opinion, i learned something usefull from your thoughts :)


I think you are mistaking motivation for purpose.


Good for you! Me too. Having said that, the streak keeps me focused on daily practice which is essential to language learning.

We all have our opinions on these matters, but let's realize that Duolingo has tens of millions of users and we all create metadata for the Duo staff to analyze to optimize the learning process. The resulting program is not based upon opinions or hunches, but rather on solid scientific evidence.

Some analysis might contain questions such as: Which users succeed at continuing and completing trees and reaching level 25? Which users can complete the testing with a perfect score? And so on.

There are infinitesimal questions that can be answered with the huge amount of data they have, and we should be confident that they are continuously optimizing the learning experience based upon the data coming in. One feature that was removed then added back in is our user profile information. I imagine there was one of the famous "A/B" tests that showed that the user profile and easy user access to our progress was another huge motivator. Lingots and streaks appear to be positive influences to the learning process! :)


> attempt to determine and update the time zone automatically . . .

Those are scary words.

Managing our practice time has been hard enough while the clock was locked to our home time zone. It would be a nightmare if Duolingo started "attempting to determine" where we are. Please make this feature optional. I have been out of the country six weeks since joining Duolingo -- this feature would drive me crazy.


And I wonder how it will attempt to figure that out--I live in an area with spotty cell service that is solidly in EST but occasionally my (Android!) cell phone goes off network and my old one even used to suspect I was out of the country (I am nowhere near a border) sometimes when I went down a certain local hill.


Thanks very much for this!


I lost a long streak due to Duolingo Time Zone confusion.

About bloody time


The confusion is going to be even worse. Suppose you meet your daily goal early in the morning and after that travel a few hours west, your daily goal may become unachieved again, because in your new time zone those XP's were earned yesterday. When you complete the exercises in the evening and travel a few hours east, your daily goal is also lost, because in your new time zone those XPs were earned after midnight. In that case there isn't even a possibility to catch up, since the day has already ended.


Always good to keep a streak freeze handy for the day on which you travel.

But once you stay there, you will no longer have to contend with a 6 pm "midnight".

The difficulty will happen for people who travel between time zones on multiple days in a row, but I think those are fewer than those who travel between time zones and then stay in the new time zone for a few days (or a few months).


I still think it's easier to have to adjust your time zone manually if you intend to stay for multiple days instead of letting the people that do travel between time zones on multiple days in a row keep track of maintaining their streak relative to all of the time zones they pass (minus one when using a streak freeze).


If it were possible to adjust your time zone manually.

I'd settle for a manual switch (which would, no doubt, get "abused" by people who are not travelling but want to move some of today's work into tomorrow or yesterday, or vice versa) but I'm not sure what the chances of yet another manual option getting added to Settings is.


I don't think it would really be more of an "abuse" than using a streak freeze is anyway. But I agree that it would be a lot of coding for a small matter (although they do seem to care about this particular matter, as evidenced by the post opening this thread).


I am not clear why there is a clock dictating study? As long as you study daily, there should be no issues! You're adults and responsible!


I was thinking about the multiple time zones, multiple travel the other day. The solution I came up with was to use the app on my phone and do a quick 'strengthen weak areas' while waiting to board. AND then do it again as soon as I've cleared customs on landing. Even after a long flight that should work. I flew several times last weeks locally and couldn't help wishing that DUO had a stored 'game' that gave points that could be used on 'flight mode', with no internet required. I had several hours while I was in the air to practice....


I agree, those of us who travel often would have a good use of such options like "storing" you're talking about, or just manual time switch. Streak freeze is not enough sometimes. It should be stackable at least. Also, all these options would be useful for App users, and AFAIK app users is the prime audience for DL.


I can see that I'm going to lose my streak when I travel even with a streak freeze since it usually takes 48 hours to get to my destination and it is many time zones difference. Too bad they don't allow a two day streak freeze every 3 or 4 months.


Shamrock, most airports have wifi so you could use the duo lingo app on your phone (then using roaming is not necessary--so expensive!). Some airports have computers for travellers - you need to find where they are situated (sometimes they are so full you wait to get computer time!). But then you can actually access the Duolingo website. I do a 30 hour haul and I usually clear emails etc when I'm waiting to board after check in, this is when I would use the Duolingo app on my phone. I may be wrong, but the longest flight time I know of is about 17 hours on the Sydney-Dallas/Fort Worth route. My main worry is about what happens when I cross a time zone....


As this is a new feature, I just got caught out in exactly the way you describe. I made sure I got my day's score before starting my 24 hour travels, only to get off the plane at the other end and find I'd been marked as not completing any points because of the time zone reset... That said, it will only catch me out once - and I think overall it's a good change!


This just happened to me yesterday, even though I wasn't traveling. My laptop (for work) is fixed at one time zone and my phone picks up my local time zone (-3 hrs).

I had already racked up my 104 pts in the morning. Just from habit, I double-checked that evening to make sure I had met my daily goal. Then after work I looked at my phone and there is a notification that my streak is in danger of expiring in 30 minutes (from an hour ago). Note that it's only like 2130 local time. I go into the mobile app and it tells me my streak freeze was used, buy another one. So I do. But I'm like: What happened?! So I put in another few exercises for the "next 3 hr long day". I check again on my laptop: yeah I had used up my streak freeze for it being "after 9 o'clock," but now I had like 124 XP. My XP graph is steady-going, no zeroes, but the mobile app burned a streak freeze.

No harm done; but let me say this is troubling. I may just uninstall the Duo app from my phone.




Sorry to hear about this :( A 399 day streak is massively impressive!!! Hopefully you will feel better in a few days, I found it took me a little while before I got re-enthused after loosing a streak. Buena suerte amigo(a) and happy language learning :)


Wow! And I felt disappointed when I lost my 70 day streak. Now I have done from scratch and came up with 123. Still I am nothing compared to you!


You're a role model of come-back; losing a streak and now I'm seeing you over 1,200 days on fire. Great job!


If you just realized your caps lock button was on, then fix the caps?


this is so thoughtful and user-friendly of you......very nice...but now those who are not learning a language but maintaining a streak will have new tool....well, their problem


Thank you for this! This is something that I think will benefit everyone and be very useful. Trying to keep track of a streak when you're in a different timezone would be very hard.


Thank you so much. Now I don't have to worry too much about this.


Mine is never properly on local time. I don't get why it is a bit out. It is currently 14:44 and it says I have 14 hours left to meet my daily goal, which would make it about 4 or 5 in the morning. Is there any reason for this? At first I thought it was because of the clocks changing but then I realised its more than an hour out.


I also have 14 hours left, which makes midnight 5 or 6 in the morning CEST. I guess it is a default time zone.


Just to say its changed now. It now says 3 hours and its ten to 9 so yay!


I'm leery of this new "feature" because something like it happened earlier this year and cost me a 300-day streak. I live in PST and the reset time was always midnight PST. Then I traveled to CST for a week, and at some point my reset time switched to midnight CST - two hours earlier. That earlier reset time persisted even weeks after I got home. One night I didn't have a chance to practice before 10pm - and my streak (modest, but still important to me) was gone just like that. (And of course Support won't bother to answer emails, even to say there's nothing to be done... sigh)

So I hope this is meant to fix issues like that, and won't cause even more problems!


You probably used the android app in CST. Apparently using the app sometimes resets your time zone.


Thank goodness I read this note before going to Arizona which is one hour ahead of California. When I return I did my lessons, but it said I had lost my 347 day streak because it was after midnight! Since I had just flown back home it was really only 11pm. Because of your note, I quickly corrected my cell phone's time back an hour to California time, thereby giving me another 45 minutes. Thank you so much! You saved my 347 Day Streak! And yes, I had the Steak Saver which I used and repurchased but it still gives a red X on your graph. Here's 10 Ligots


I think you've over-engineered this issue... "time zones" are not the issue here. You can run into the same problem even when staying in the same country - e.g., imagine that you practice Duolingo every day before going to bed, say, around 11pm. Now, one night, you get delayed a bit, and start practicing at 1 minute past midnight. Woops, there goes your streak! Or the opposite - say you're a night-owl, and practice every night a little after midnight. One night you had some free time and practiced earlier - and the next day, your streak is gone!

It would be nice to be less fanatical about the 24 hour periods, and determine streaks by more averaged goals. How about looking for activity each 48 hour period? How about looking for week streaks (number of weeks where you devoted at least X hours to duolingo in each week) instead of daily streaks? Or something else like that. But I don't think the time zones are the issue.


Lost a 696 day streak yesterday because of this, really bummed out about it.

I don't see any problem with the changes, but really this should have made this more clear. For example sending out an email letting people know about it. Had I known about the changes I would have made sure to Duolingo before my flight and not once I landed.

I can see other this has happened to a few other people in this thread too...


Exactly, that's the crux of the matter. We need to be aware that this is happening, that's all. There's nothing wrong with the idea at all, if users were made aware. It would also be nice if we could be made aware on the app somehow. I've had a few weeks this year where I wasn't able to access the computer version, so couldn't see discussions, so an email would have been helpful.


My time zone is set incorrectly - it cuts off at 11 PM instead of midnight. How can this be corrected? I'm in San Diego, PACIFIC COAST TIME.


And if you enter to the mobile app, is the timezone changed as well?


I think that already did change it sometimes, didn't it?


Rumour has it that this happens when you use the Android app, but not the others.

I can testify that using the Android app after midnight and then traveling westwards will mess up the streak you already reached at home, if the point in time you earned those XPs was not beyond midnight in the place you travel to. So unfortunately it's not just future XPs you need to worry about, but even what you did before you started traveling.

Always pack a streak freeze, and try to earn some XPs at different times across the day when you travel. And set your coach to 1 XP...


That doesn't sound to me like making things easier compared to keeping duolingo on one timezone while traveling.


Let's hope this new test doesn't mess with XPs you've already earned and with the days that those were already allocated to.

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And what about people who have opportunity to study with duolingo only on late evenings or nights? I set script to set my midnight to 2.00 am (the default is 23:00, which is bit weird) but mobile app always keep resetting this feature back to 23:00.

I think there should be an individual option where any user can set his own convenient 'midnight time' and it is not altered by logins from other machines or mobiles.


The default day switch for Anki is 4 am, precisely for this purpose: so that people who stay up late can practice at 23:50 or 00:10 and it's still counted towards the same day. (Presumably, nearly everybody is asleep at 04:00.)

Perhaps it would be good if Duolingo's day switch was 04:00, local time :)

So, with auto timezone adjusting.

[deactivated user]

    I don't think so, I am under strong impression that, during the last few nights, it switched either at midnight or perhaps(!) at 1.am. Certainly not 4am. If it were so, I'd be content.

    It might be a bug though and solvable by the update.


    Tools / Preferences / Basic / Next day starts at ___ hours past midnight

    That setting is at "4" for me which I think is the default. But I could be misremembering and perhaps I changed that Anki setting myself.


    Nope, it is 4am by default :-)

    [deactivated user]

      nope, it's just switched to a new day. it is midnight.


      Tools / Preferences / Basic / Next day starts at

      Note: this setting does not exist in duolingo. I missed earlier context indicating this is for another program called AnkiDroid.

      To bad, we need this!


      Even easier than that, simply count 24 hours from the last practice, no matter the time zone or the hour of the day. That would solve both personal adaptation problems and programming and time conversion ones.

      Edit: Alright, I got it, impractical. We could do it 36 or 48 hours then. Or it's just a silly idea altogether.


      And if I practice every morning for a week, but then one day I don't have the chance to practice till the evening?


      Mmm, but sometimes it's useful to practice on Monday morning and then Tuesday evening.

      That would be prevented if you did a strict 24-hour timer from last practice. Your practice time would have to creap forward day by day since if you practice from 0600-0700 one day you would have to make absolutely sure to finish before 0700 the next day (even if it's the weekend and you would prefer to sleep in), or do silly things such as do one lesson at 2200 on Friday evening despite having spent an hour on it in the morning, just to reset the timer.


      That would force you to practice a little earlier every day, until you 'reset' it by meeting your goal two times in one day.


      forcing you to study when the computer dictates... is not practical! many have other commitments and not always is the computer/phone/ipad is available.

      [deactivated user]

        I was just thinking about this before I found this thread! Exactly. I study during the nights as well, it is not that easy to keep track of midnight and remember on time. Making Duolingo consider (for example) midday to be midnigt would actually multiply my ability to keep up with the counter and save me sometiny motivation losses.


        that's actually a really good idea!


        how did you format the font size?


        # ***PERFECT!***

        BTW here's a full list.


        ya but we need sleep if dont dont sleep during the night how are we supposed to keep up with homework for the young folks like me im young and if i dont sleep i cant focuse on homework


        I usually like it at midnight, then if I am up late I can study two days at once, but can see an adjustable time setting being helpful to me soon.


        Habitica also has a feature to set custom midnight (mine is 3am). Here in Duo I tend to use "future day" - I've never started learning before 00:10. So yeah. Go team "custom midnight"!


        After crossing the international date line your either skipping a day or going back a day. It is actually very fascinating. More info is at http://www.worldatlas.com/aatlas/infopage/dateline.htm


        Yes, that's what happens in real life. But what happens on Duolingo?! :-)


        Thank you for your help! I just recently lost an over 500 day streak because of the time zone change where I live in Indiana.


        spent a month in UK.... many of my streaks were not recognized and not registered. It showed I did not study that day, yet I studied later in the evening.


        There should be a setting to use a fixed time zone. The day currently rolls over at 10:00 PM local time, but I would prefer for it to be a little earlier. That way I can practice as soon as the new day starts without having to stay up later.


        I totally agree with you ctype.h (I like your tag name BTW). I set my time zone on the PC to be 2 hours ahead, so that at 10PM local time the PC would indicate 12AM. Duolingo did not recognize the timezone change on my PC and is forcing me to follow a time zone it thinks I should be at. I am a little disappointed in Duolingo for this. I would like to practice in the evening hours as if it were the start of a new day. This allows me to have two attempts per day to meet the day's target.


        Just a few months late for me... Last summer I lost my 85 day streak when I traveled from Europe to the US. It really took the wind out of my sails... Now I see people with many hundreds of days streak... I thought I was on a roll ;-{


        I lost a 50+ streak before my current one due to weird time zone issues (which I've detailed elsewhere in this thread). It hurts, but after a short time of feeling bad and not even wanting to log in, you just get back on the horse, so to speak.


        Hello there, yesterday I got the 30xp needed to keep my daily streak on my mobile and then when I logged in today it said I hadn't done anything yesterday, it's so unfair, what can I do? I think it may have to do with mobile connectivity problems, but the app told me I kept my daily streak, it lied to me!


        If your mobile doesn't get connected to the internet it won't count it until it has been. So that might be why.


        But doesn't it need internet to grade your lesson? That's why it takes so long sometimes when I'm on a bus for example.


        I don't think so. I think it's just slower. I haven't used it, so I might be wrong, but that's what I remember from other conversations I've seen.


        Cool, but it's unfair, they can totally save that in memory and update when the mobile gets connection. I've lost my streak and should not have :S


        Maybe they could, and maybe they will at some point, but the techs are very busy right now and I suspect that would be somewhat lower on their priority list. I'm sorry you lost your streak, but now you have a record to beat!


        How long was the streak you lost?


        Hasn't this been the case for a while now? When I was abroad this summer (July-August), I had travelled eastwards and so the local time was a few hours ahead of my home time. Thinking that duolingo didn't change to the local time, I thought I had a few hours to complete my lessons for the day as it wasn't midnight in my home country yet.

        However, when I got around to completing my lessons, I was on day one again. I had lost a 240+ days streak. It was frustrating to say the least. All due to duolingo updating to local time without informing me. Don't get me wrong, I think this feature is great, but it would be beneficial if users could also disable it manually and importanatly for duolingo to warn you that your lessons are now counted in a new time zone. It would solve many frustrating issues like this.

        For those wondering why I didn't have the streak freeze, I did but I think it got used up on one of the other days and as I only had access to the app on my phone (android), I couldn't reinstate it, as at that time, you couldn't buy those items in the lingot store on your phone, only on the computer (I'm glad they sorted that one out, that was another issue for me when I didn't have access to a computer for several weeks).

        To prevent such cases, I actually think it would helpful if duolingo gave you a notification when you first open it after crossing into another time zone that it has adjusted the time or is about to adjust the time, so you are aware of how long you have left to maintain your streak. Then it would be perfect.

        I do also like the idea that someone else mentioned somewhere above, of being able to purchase vacations at a high price a couple of times a year. Sometimes you really do need to go off-grid a little bit in such a hyper-connected world. Maybe a week at a time, up to three times a year? 100-200 lingot cost.


        Yes, I agree with that. Other ideas are to at least show your longest streak, in case you ever lose it, or to show 100-day streak "badges."


        This new time zone feature would be wonderful, as I just lost my 154-day streak travelling as well.


        what about decreasing streaks? the 1st day streak -5, 2nd -30, 3rd -50% 4th to zero ,or some kinds of . intraday problem will just cost some streaks.


        Great point, I tell you what when the computers crashed in the great Y2K problem I lost my life savings of lingots.


        what i do is just in case that i'm traveling or not, i'd rather by a streak freeze like one day, i forgot to do my duolingo because i had a suck busy day :) !!! i was so lucky because someone lost his 19 day steak when i just went on my 20 day steak!!! what was super surprising was that he had 22 lingots!!! i feel really sad for him... IT WAS HIS RECORD!!!


        I would appreciate if you could change it so that the time to complete the daily exercise is not from midnight but from 3 or 4 am... Sometimes I like to do my exercises around midnight...

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        My timezones are different between the app and the website on iPad. The app is correct on GMT, yet the website must think I'm in the States somewhere because it is at least five hoirs behind. Very confusing and clearly wrong. I only use Duolingo from my iPad and it has never left the house, let alone crossed any timezone.

        I only started using the website fairly recently for Russian, since it isn't (yet) available from the app. Whilst it's nice having the additional features of the website, discussions, error reporting that does something, the website doesn't play very well with the iPad and is cumbersome to use.

        • 2199

        Hmm... It's now beginning to look a little random on the website with iPad. The app is still correctly on GMT, but yesterday the website was 5 hours behind. Today it is one hour ahead. So I have until midnight with the app, but only until 2300 on the website.

        Can we be given the option to turn this off please? As I said previously, my iPad hasn't left the house let alone changed timezones.


        To DL if you are monitoring this, Yes, I understand that learning a language takes regular practice. However, I too, would like to be able to buy more than 1 day of inactivity and still keep my streak. One of the objectives of vacation is to disconnect from the internet. Like Underwood's husband, I lost my streak, albeit nowhere near 540 days, and have decided not to restart it until after the first of the year due to spotty internet time/availability.


        I lost my 81 day streak last Friday because of a time difference of 2 hours :'( ...is there a way to get it back?


        If you practice every day for the next 81 days for will get your streak back. This is the only way. I've lost huge streaks so many times that now I don't care.


        I appreciate that you are trying to keep things moving and motivate people with daily goals, and it is helpful to be prompted to do a little bit every day. However, I am often up working late at night, and so I periodically sign on just before midnight to complete my daily goal, and then keep going - so I sometimes see the clock reset to "0/30 xp." I sometimes then go on to complete a second daily goal for the next day soon after midnight. This SHOULD work since the clock visibly reset, but that's when the trouble starts. I complete the new daily goal, and everything looks good, but Duo frequently erases that new completion and resets it to zero for the second day when I sign on again. Even though I have little interest in "winning," I hate "losing" my streak due to a technical glitch after following the rules. It is very demotivating.


        Why not let people chose a MANUAL time zone? You make it seem like it's common practice to travel between time zones on a regular basis, which is of course ludicrous!


        yea you guys cost me my streak.... and the wager


        I switch time zones frequently so this would certainly help


        Thanks for the tip!


        But I like it when the day shifts at 6 AM.


        On the other side of the coin, I really appreciated the existing way. Right now, the "duolingo" day changes at 10PM in my time. This works well for me. I can submit to duolingo before 10PM, and again after 10PM - in this way, both days are covered. I do this every day, but should I miss one day, I am still covered. By changing the "duolingo" day to start at midnight, now I should do activity at 1AM - which is well past my time.

        With the new feature - can I force Duo-Lingo to accept a time zone other than what is on my computer? Can you give me an option to arbitrarily change the time zone only for DuoLingo?


        I Don't unterstand yet.Whats of moving from +1 to -1 GMT.


        GMT is the time zone in Britain (and a few other places as well). Time zones are often measured by how many hours they are different from GMT, so +1 would be 1 hour ahead and -1 is one hour behind.


        Well TY for that,but what about our daystreaks?


        What exactly do you mean?


        If we go to USA from UK will our daystreaks be reset.


        The streak won't be reset, it will just mean that you have from midnight to midnight of British time to keep your streak, instead of midnight to midnight American time when you're in Britain.


        This is silly.


        well mmmm.. this thing about making a time zone! is crazy I guess . it's kind of confusing anyway


        Currently in New Zealand and when I landed it said my streak was gone even though I did it over wifi on the plane :(


        Funny, I was going to post about that. I lost a streak on a long flight to Israel. No big deal, but now Duolingo tracks my progress a day behind PST. Strange...


        What is the new feature?


        I don't have days from 0 to 24. I work way past midnight, and before, this did not matter. Friday evening before I went out, i did 50 points, and at 3 AM I did another 50, which was counted to the same day. Why has this changed? I really hate missing the midnight deadline, and I keep filling two days during one session before I go to bed...


        14 language courses running simultaneously !!!


        I must say, this is a great idea. I remember that one time, I had to deal with a 12-hour time difference and my streaks would end at noon (I actually prefer it that way). I had to deal with that for around two months and I left Duolingo for a little bit. Now that I'm back, I like the progress that I've seen. When I left, there wasn't even a Swahili or Welsh course in planning


        this is very good news. the streaks are a very nice motivation. Thank you! And thank you for teaching us a new language!


        i crossed over here from ohio and i didn't lose any of my progress


        Interestingly, travelling back from the US to the UK (I lost 5 hours) caused me to "skip" a day, but one previous to the days travelling when I definitely hit my activity target. It also didn't cost my banked streak freeze that I'd bought in case the time zone & travelling prevented me from practicing on time. Very odd! But my streak remained, so it wasn't too much of a hardship.


        thats i have never seen. But also this is my 3d day on duolingo so i dont know much


        Thank you for this. I have family in hawaii and I lost a 211 day streak because I was using local time and Duolingo was using my "home" time so I "missed" a day.


        I am often motivated to continue progress, but once I meet my daily goal, it is pointless to continue, because additional "XP" is discarded. With this scheme, there's also the problem of "when is the local midnight?" I would have anxiety about trying to meet the goal by midnight on busy days when I was unable to progress earlier in the day. The annoyance and stress of meeting daily goals have now actually motivated me to ignore the coach by setting it at its highest and no longer trying to meet it.

        I'd much prefer the coach to assess my weekly (last seven days) average and award or motivate based on the longer term. Doing so would allow me to work some days harder than others, and still maintain a good pace. It also solves the problem of the coach trying to determine your local midnight, and instead focusing on how long ago you last worked and how much XP you have gained over the course of a relative interval, instead of an arbitrary fixed one that is different depending on location.

        As for my streak, I have long forgotten how many concurrent days I met the XP goal. When I lost internet access for 3 consecutive days due to a storm, I lost my streak, and knowing that daily goals are the metric here, I lost motivation to give any attention to it - I just work at my own pace now.


        You bring up interesting points. I've found that I am more motivated if I just set my XP goal to 1. I was at 30, and sometimes found it demoralizing when I really struggled with a lesson (particularly when approaching the 24th hour). I've never practiced more, 100+ points/day. Maybe it's because the pressure is off and it is easier to enjoy the work.


        I didn't set a goal and I get all the points I earn. 1 today, 150 yesterday. (And that 150 came from testing out of a level.)


        if you want to cheat a bit, to maintain a long streak, you can always set your computer's / phone's time back by a day and buy a streak freeze if you forget it. alternatively, if you set it back, you can get your required xp for the day, but then you can't set the time correct again without losing your streak, so if you don't mind the time on your device being incorrect, your streak can continue indefinitely, as long as you check in the day after you lost it.


        whats a time zone?


        You know how it's not the same time everywhere on earth? (Because the earth turns, so if it's daytime in your town it's nighttime on the other side.)

        Clocks used to follow the sun, so if you moved a bit further east or west, the clocks would run slightly differently because the earth would have to turn a little further for the sun to be at the same position in the sky as it was for you.

        But that later proved impractical (especially once railways started to be a thing), so people introduced time zones: large zones or regions or areas which have exactly the same time. So if it's 12:34 in your town, it'll be 12:34 a few miles away as well. Then at the time zone border, the time would jump suddenly, to 11:34 or 1:34, depending on which way you went.

        The continental/contiguous US (lower 48) has four time zones: Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern.


        And Alaska time.


        OK, I should have said "contiguous US", perhaps. I'll edit.


        thank really helpful


        you should be able to manually change the time zone


        so you have to meet the time requirement of the timezone you are in?


        thanks for the update because i have lots of trouble with keeping a long streak on trips


        so does that mean doulingo is STALKING us?!?!?!?!?!?! although it is good to learn languages on the way and strengthen the words we know, but FOLLOWING us and TRACKING us?! that's just creep...


        Please donate lingots! I'm very poor in lingots. (. .) - /|\


        If you want more lingots practise more. It's unfair to ask people to give you lingots.


        yeah, I know. but, I was on vacation, and then something happened to my lingots, and yeah. Don't blame me!


        Can't you just give people 24 hours? Because I've lost a streak before because I was in the middle of a lesson and the clock hit 12:01.


        Yeah, I wish the day started at 3:00, not midnight.


        I lost a streak yesterday, and I was doing my homework, and just as I finished, it was 21:00, and I got no Streaks. :(


        Hope it works, all efforts to make the experience more user friendly are much appreciated.


        I recently went to France and lost my fairly long streak because I was busy interacting with real French people! What I was doing was more valuable than making sure I used DuoLingo every day. I wish there was more emphasis on the language score, rather than the streak. I find losing a big streak much more discouraging than keeping a long streak is encouraging.


        I'm in Russia on Moscow time in Saint Petersburg and my streak finishes at 11 pm. My phone tells me I'm ok but the website gives me time up. As a result I get emails telling me to continue my 9 day streak but the app tells me I only have a 2 day streak.


        Had two incidents recently when streak freeze kicked in, although i was aware to complete an exercise every 12 hours. Once was going over intl date line US to China. The other was staying in a relative close timezone but going North America - South America. I think the app might cache time info or something -


        I think the streak is the least important metric and that too much attention is given to it. Your level and points are a much better indicator of how well you know the language(s) you are studying, which is after all the reason why we all use Duolingo.


        That is very true however DL has chosen to use the streak as an incentive to keep visiting the site daily so that the learning is continuous. They also reward streak milestones with lingots so it is perfectly natural for anyone to regret losing a streak when they are making every attempt to drop in daily and study some Spanish (or whichever language they choose). The streak freeze is helpful but you can only buy one day at a time.


        I've thought about giving up the streak, but it is just one more thing that keeps me close to the language everyday. If I lost it - it wouldn't matter so much to me anymore. The language is more part of my everyday now, just as I wouldn't care about a streak in English.


        When I have lost my streak (for example by completing a lesson a few seconds after midnight) I have been so discouraged that I stopped using Duolingo for weeks. I think losing your streak is a much bigger disincentive than keeping it is motivational.


        You do have a valid point. I think at this point, at least for me, DL has hit its maximum potential. It can only go so far.


        Here is my thought about Levels and Points. I have reset my tree a few times. That resets your level and points to zero.


        Hi an odd thing happened, I traveled a 2h timezone difference today and my double-or-nothing wager failed but my 24 day streak is still active. I did a practice and continued the streak, it now says 25 day streak, but I lost the wager unfortunately


        I notice that, when I'm using DL around midnight, at first the XP still seem to count for 'yesterday', but later that day they're scored correctly... same with 'double or nothing', where I just saw the wrong streak count before 9 AM and the right one after 9 AM (mayself being in CET - so this seems to account according to US west coast time?!)


        For me, if I finish one second past midnight on the 5th, it counts as the 5th, not the 4th. I've lost a few streaks that way!


        Hi! For a couple of days recently time my 'day' ended according to my owl varied from around 23.00 hours to 05.00 hours. I never left the UK with my laptop so this made no sense at all. I am on the south coast of England and very occasionally my mobile seems to think I am on French time, but this does not happen often and the time difference is not at big as the fluctuation I see here. Currently my 'day' ends at 04.00 hrs. Very inconvenient as I sometimes get up very early and do my lessons before going out. Currently I am in GMT, but at the end of March that changes to BST and our clocks go forward by one hour. So 04.00 GMT becomes 05.00 BST, making it quite likely that I will not get any practice in prior to going out and so loose streaks often. What can I do to correct this?


        Sometimes if I need to do my practice after midnight to keep my streak, I set my phone to a timezone further west. You could try setting your timezone on your phone manually to GMT/BST.


        Thanks for the advice. I should just mention I do my lessons on either my laptop or my android tablet, not my phone (which, sit down and take a deep breath, is not a smartphone anyway). I do not know how DL works out what time zone I am in, so that's why I mentioned that sometimes my phone thinks I am in France, over 25 miles away over the English Channel. (Not easy to stray there accidentally!) But, possibly I would be able to fool my laptop into a different time zone, I don't know. I don't mind if my laptop tells me a different time as long as I know. However, it does change itself from BST to GMT and back all by itself so I think somehow it 'knows' what time Zone I am in and would not let me do this. What will happen if my tablet (using Chrome) and my laptop are set to different time zones and sometimes I use the tablet and sometimes the laptop? I will look into changing my laptop time zone with the help of someone who knows about these things as I am a 68 year old dinosaur who only came to computers about 10 years ago and have never worried about settings and such-like.


        All modern devices automatically detect your timezone (and usually get it right!) Your phone must be detecting the odd signal from France, and thinking that you've crossed the Channel, changing the time to be helpful. Both your tablet and your laptop can be overridden to a particular timezone. Ask someone to show you how, then practice doing it 3-5 times so you don't forget.

        If your laptop and tablet are set to different timezones and you use Duolingo on both of them at roughly the same time, Duolingo can get confused about whether you've passed midnight or not and you can lose your streak. It's OK if they're different if you make sure you've kept your streak before changing.


        Hi again. I've not changed any time zones, myself by travelling or virtually on the tablet or laptop settings. Meanwhile yesterday my tablet told me my day ended at midnight...hooray! Until I went into my laptop and it was still 4 am that my day ended. then I went back to my tablet and it joined my laptop with the time it ends. Both are set to gmt. I don't think I will start messing with the settings, I think it must be DL doing something or they wouldn't keep varying. If I change things it might make my problems even worse.


        And now my laptop says the day ends at midnight. Hooray! but how long will this last. Since the last post the laptop hasn't moved. My tablet is switched off. All that has happened is my laptop has been in sleep mode. Whatever is going on? Why does it keep changing? I am certainly not going to change the time Zone setting which is correctly at GMT. Theoretically I could lose a streak due to this. If at 2 pm I see I have till 4 am to do my practice and then at 1 am I find the cut-off has changed. Having the time changed arbitrarily is worse than having it fixed at a time I find inconvenient. Please would someone from the Technical team look at this post and help me?


        How are you seeing that it ends at 4 am? I'd actually like that! My "day" ends at midnight, to the second, so if I start a lesson before midnight but finish it a few seconds after midnight, it always counts as the later day. It's very rare that I'm awake at 4 am, or that I'd want to do a Duolingo lesson at that time, but I'm often still using Duolingo at midnight.


        Hi CJ..can I 'tutoyer' you with 'CJ'? there isn't a 'reply' button under your post so I've put my reply here. Where my owl is it tells me how many hours I have left to complete my daily goals. I simply add this to my current time and so see what time DL says my day is ending according to them. I add that to the time on my 24 hour laptop or tablet time. If it gives me 28 hours it means my 'day' ends at 4 in the morning. Currently it seems to have settled back to midnight. It is 07.00 and I have 16 hours left. I watched the number of hours left as the time went from 06.59 to 07.00 and DL changed from 17 hours left to 16 hours left. Last night I (rarely for me) couldn't sleep so I got up and went on DL. I watched at midnight. It went from '<1 hour' to 24 hours. My problem with it ending at 04.00 is that I am a lark and not an owl. At the end of March UK leaves GMT and puts the clocks forwards. It will then be 05.00. I don't expect DL to allow for this. But I am a lark and often get up and away early in the summer, spending a whole day walking (20-25 miles). I want to do my minimum DL before going out. 05.00 is too late for me. I'm going out of the door by then! But now, the most important thing is that it doesn't keep changing. Suppose I do go out at 05.00, thinking I have till 05.00 the next day to do my DL and then I find it has finished at 24.00 hours I have 'lost' 4 hours opportunity. I am sometimes up till 3 or 4 in the morning as I help with something called Street Pastors(http://www.streetpastors.org/) that keeps me up through the most part of the night.


        Thanks. Will try this. Wish I knew what happened in the first place, why the time zone changed as far as DL is concerned, given that my laptop always has the correct time on it and has not left the UK.!


        Would it solve anything to always work at the end of your day which would count toward DL's following day? There might be one day's lapse but after that you should be back on track.


        I don't quite understand your suggestion. sorry for being thick. I try to make my last time on the laptop 9 pm, but sometimes cannot quite manage, also other things do get in the way so preventing me from doing and evening session at all. DL's end of the day at present is 04.00 GMT. It hasn't now changed for a few days though a week or so ago it was changing all over the place. What I normally do is some work on DL as soon as I get up in the morning, before I do anything else. But, if I wake in the night I like to do a bit then, just to be sure I have done it and will not risk my streak (yes, I do have a streak freeze in place but don't want to use this unless there is some kind of mishap/emergency). I would really like this to count towards that actual day, not the previous day. It is already getting lighter in the mornings and soon I will be out and about by around 05.30 which means that I cannot do any DL prior to going out. On top of that when the clocks go forwards an hour, what will happen to DL's day? Presumably the current 04.00 hrs becomes 05.00 hours when we change to BST at the end of March. How can I allocate work done today to tomorrow with DL?


        If the cutoff is GMT 4:00 and if you mean 4 in the afternoon then presumably if you worked on something at 5 GMT on a Tuesday then it would count for DL's Wednesday. So on a morning when you are able to get at least one lesson done before you get out, then by working another at 5 or anything up to when you leave the computer, you will already done what you need for following day and could proceed from there, always working in the 5 - 9 slot which would keep your streak intact.


        I have been saying 04.00 GMT which is on the 24 hour clock 4 am, not 16.00 GMT which would have been possible for me, though not as convenient as if the day ends at 24.00 hrs. I've found how to change the time zone, but when I looked at it (without changing anything) it is set already to London time (GMT) and also to not automatically change time zones. So however did my time zone change in the first place? I think it must be a problem with DL, not me or my computer and I would prefer DL to put it right for me from their side. Anyone got suggestions as to how to get DL to do this?


        DL has now stopped random changes in the time of the end of my day. It has been midnight GMT for about 4 days now. So glad I didn't make any changes to my time zone on my laptop or tablet.


        I wish my account had this new feature. I traveled from NYC to California, logged in at 8:55 pm after a long day of travel, completed an exercise at 9:02 pm and watched my streak drop from 203 to 1. Incredibly PO'd.


        And, last weekend we went to BST in the UK and, lo and behold, DL has even sorted that. My day ends at midnight BST. Wish I knew what was going on earlier, but well done DL for recognising where I am and what time zone I am in now!


        This feature is not working properly. I don't travel and still lose streak after streak with a 10 XP goal set and attained. I can't find my time zone anymore in the settings: could a wrong time zone be set without my knowledge?


        This hasn't worked for me. I lost a 400+ day streak (mostly studying dutch) while, ironically, in the Netherlands. Furthermore since returning to my home zone, I have lost 2 more streaks (admitted one was only two days long...) when 'midnight' kept occurring at 6pm.

        Keeping streaks aren't the reason I use DL, but losing streaks are strong demotivators. DL is a great tool, but this has been very frustrating.


        I don't actually understand a single word said in the post, sorry! Explain...please?


        For me, the end of a day is more often 1 or 2 am than midnight. Can you please add a setting for when the day ends? I want my day to end at 3am my time when I'm almost guaranteed to actually be asleep.


        I am not changing time zones but Duo keeps shifting the time forward and back up to 5hrs. XP points shift from one day to the next, then back. Is there no way to get duo to just give me a straight 24hrs?


        The same thing keeps happening to me. Very frustrating as I keep losing my streak freeze for seemingly no reason. So close to running out of Linglots totally because of this.


        LillyMunoz, I sent you some linglots to help. I'm sorry this is happening to you

        [deactivated user]

          This is a total failure for those of us who are forced to use satellite internet. On all of my applications and machines, where possible, I turn off auto location detectors because they always assume I'm somewhere (and it's random!) in eastern Canada, where the satellite signal originates. All of the world doesn't work on Eastern Standard Time. Pacific time zone for me. Why not allow that option in duo?


          First, the app used a "repair streak" free pass when I did not miss a day. Then, the app "recorded" that I missed another daily practice, which I did not. The only way to repair it was to pay a fee. I lost a 160 day streak that I did nothing wrong with. Very frustrated.


          I will not have computer access out of the country for a week and want to know if I can disable my account, enable it when I return and continue on my 124 day streak.


          This is not working for me. I'm in the same time zone I was in when I signed up, and have never traveled out of it, but I've lost several streaks because the timezone for my account is incorrect and the day rolled over before my actual day was over.

          The "hours left" count shows one hour less than I really have. (It's 9 PM here, but it says I have "2 hours left" until midnight.)

          There really needs to be some kind of manual control or reset option for this, since the system can't accurately track it.


          I frequently send in a lesson at 9:a.m. from France or England. That is well after midnight in the U.S. Yet today I was told that I had missed a day, and that my progress on Adverbs2 was 18%. I keep’track of where I am . It should have said 75%


          Hope someone reads this... pretty old post. I keep getting notices that my "streak-save" kicked in. I did more than my goal on Wednesday nite, did my lessons early on Thursday but Friday got the "fail" email. Another time, I was doing practice only, got a message I met my daily goal but the next day got the "fail" notice. My streaks are saved, but I seriously don't get the way time on the program counts toward a daily goal.


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