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Pronunciation of Verb Conjugation

I am having a difficulty hearing the difference between words like Parle, Parles, and Parlent. Are they pronounced exactly the same but only the spelling is different? Or is there slight pronunciation differences I'm just not picking up yet?

May 30, 2012



they are pronounced the same. the -es and -ent are silent.


They are pronounced exactly the same.

This is tricky though because french spelling of parlent looks like it should have the -ent pronounced, but because it is a CONJUGATION of a verb, it is pronounced just like parle and parles.


If a word is not conjugated and its just some word or noun or something, and it ends in ent, it is pronounced


depending on dialect, sometimes the L sound before the -ent in parlent can be more pronounced than for the others like parle and parles.

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