"Мама пьёт сок, а папа пьёт чай с молоком."

Translation:Mom is drinking juice and dad is drinking tea with milk.

November 23, 2015

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❤❤❤ it didn't accept "Mama is drinking juice and papa is drinking tea with milk."


Would love to read an explanation for that, too!


The explanation is that Duo limits the number of answers we can accept for a single sentence, and with each new translation you add for a given word the number grows exponentially. "Papa" seems like a fairly serious omission though so I added it at the expense of some other theoretically possible but less likely sentences. Daddy, father, dad, and papa are all now accepted, but some other forms that have been suggested such as pop and poppa will not be.


I thought it was more flexible and could support regular expressions so that you don't have to add so many translations :(


They are added in the form of multiple strings generating answer options. The format is like "[This/That] [man/person] is my [father/dad/papa/pop/daddy/pappy]"

Still, it means someone should enter them and keep track of all the options in every sentence. If someone decides "I think so" is pretty much the same as "I believe so", "I suppose so", "I guess so" and maybe "I fancy so" or "I reckon so"—ideally, you want to check every single sentence with "think" to see if any of these work there too.

It is the major source of inconsistencies you see in the course.


why is the "M" on the end of молоко?


it is the form used with "с". There will be more on it much later ("Instrumental"). For now, memorizing "с молоком" is enough if you want stuff with some milk.


Is instrumental case used for anywhere involving "with"? I thought it was for doing something using or by means of another object.


Well, с requires it (when you mean "with"), as do за, под, перед, над.

The Instrumental is also used on its own. Here are a few uses:

  • Она рисует карандашом. = She is drawing with a pencil.
  • Флаг унесло ветром. = The flag was carried away by wind.
  • Здание спроектировано нашим лучшим специалистом. = The building was designed (structurally and architecturally) by our best expert.
  • Вечером Василий пришёл домой совершенно пьяным. = In the evening, Vasiliy returned home completely drunk.
  • Походка капитана показалась мне странно знакомой. = The captain's gait seems strangely familiar to me.


So may i not use prepositions if i use instrumentals in a sentence


What is the difference between "а" and "и"? Do they both mean "and"?


Yes they do, but they are used differently. "а" is used to join parts of the sentence together and "и" is used to say that things are together. So imagine you want to say "I'm eating fish and chips and you are not!" The first "and" in "fish and chips" would be "и", and the 2nd one which joins the sentence would be "а". Not sure if I explained it well, but read this: http://www.rus-on-line.ru/Exercises/Grammar/13-grammar.html


Я ем рыбу и чипс, а ты не ешь!


Makes sense. Thank you!


'и' is a conjunction and "a" is a disjunction


Sometimes yes, but a means I have a trouser but you have a pullover.And и means I Have a trouser and a pullover.Ok


Am I the only person that says "fruit juice", as opposed to just "juice"? Is it British/American?


Im certain in russia Papa would not drink team with MILK. Maybe чай с лимоном. If he does, then he is western spy

[deactivated user]

    Now, reviewing the favourite drinks of all the relatives would be a hit!


    What can't the "a" mean "but" here?


    "A" shows an opposition so I think "whereas" is nustified


    "Mom drinks juice and dad is drinking tea with milk" why it is wrong?


    What case do we use with "c"?


    When you mean "with", it is the Instrumental.


    Does Russian have different verb forms for 'drinks' and 'is drinking'?

    I wrote "mum drinks juice, whereas dad drinks tea with milk" and was marked wrong.


    So I put "Mom is drinking juice, dad is drinking tea with milk" and it said I was wrong why.


    "а" is a small but VERY important part of the sentence. It is used to contrast 2 things, so you need to add "and."


    It rejected Mama and Papa as translations for those answer (said the correct answer was mama and dad). ???


    In India, tea with milk is tye regular tea


    Its odd that I said it correctly. And yet it did not register.


    I never saw the word juice in my words to pick from


    why is it сок & not сока?


    I think this is new... С is pronounced incorrectly by the software. It says "эс" and not "С".


    Why is milk tea wrong?


    In English, you would typically not use the word drinking twice. Is it also okay to leave it out when speaking russian?


    Yes. In this case, it is the speaker's choice whether they want to say something like "Alice drinks water, and Bob drinks juice" or "Alice drinks water, and Bob juice" (Элис пьёт воду, а Боб — сок)


    Did even get half the sentence right and it said i passed, would have liked to try it again.


    Tea with milk? What is what???


    I used "whereas" for "а" here. Marked incorrect =(


    It didn't accept "Mum drinks juice, while Dad drinks tea with milk", but does accept "Mum drinks juice, and Dad drinks tea with milk". Yet the meaning of the former appears to be more in keeping with the word "a" which is intended to contrast the two. This is an instance where "while" can, depending on the context, mean "whereas"...


    What is the difference Mother and father instead of mom and dad. Why is this a mistake?


    Что за черт

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