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Cyrillic not phonetic

Is the entire course based on phonetics and not on Russian writing (cyrillic alphabet)? I signed up to learn to read and apeak Russian; am I missing something?


November 23, 2015



There's a small button in the left hand corner that switches between Cyrillic and romanization.


There should be a little button beside the "tips and notes" button "Aa яЯ" that will toggle cyrillic and latin:)


I use the site russian.typeit.org as an online keyboard. It's not half bad, and fairly intuitive typing-wise


Is there a place on duolingo to learn the phonetics of Russian accompanied by the alphabet character? I hear what they are saying, but have the hardest time remembering which character is what. I find myself looking up the sounds just to be able to write the answers. It's painfully slow-suggestions?

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