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"Ты знаешь, какой суп мама будет варить сегодня?"

Translation:Do you know what soup mom will cook today?

November 23, 2015



In idiomatic English, this really should be "what kind of." I've never heard anyone ever say "what soup": "what kind of" always, except "which soup" off of a menu.


I think "what soup" is okay, if a bit clumsy sounding perhaps, but I can envisage someone asking "What soup are you having?" "What kind of soup" would be nicer English.


I was going to make exactly the same point "Do you know what soup mum is going to cook today?" sounds odd


What is the difference between варить and готовить? When would you use варить? Wouldn't it be better to use готовить to mean cooking, not boiling?


"Варить" means "to cook by boiling", not just "to boil". "To boil" would be "кипятить". It is more natural to use "варить" rather then "готовить" when you talk about soup.


Is the following order of words correct:"Do you know what soup IS mother going to cook today?". Thank you


Why mum and not mom?


I also got dinged for using mom instead of mum wtf???


I think what soup is commonly used in the UK but I'd say which soup is the correct usage


Nichole, in Russian you use варить / сварить when talking about суп, щи, борщ etc, although we would never say boil soup in English to mean prepare. Готовить means prepare/cook/make for foods in general, or for the mdal itself, like lunch or breakfast.


Why isn't "making" accepted here?


Do you know which soup will mummy cook tonight? What's the problem here.

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