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"Завтра утром мы приготовим кофе."

Translation:Tomorrow morning we will make coffee.

November 23, 2015



If somebody else always makes the morning coffee but tomorrow we are offering to make it, I think "we will make the coffee" should be an acceptable translation.


I like this sentence. It's a nice idea.


Why is "Tomorrow morning we are making coffee" not correct? It may not match how things are said in Russian, but that sounds most natural to me in English.


I believe that "coffee", "the coffee", should be accepted or an explanation given of the language finesse that proves "some coffee" as the only acceptable translation. We all are eager to learn, are'nt we!


That seems to fit the comments made by Duo in the Tips and Notes on this module, and so should be accepted.


Does one ever use сделать кофе, rather than приготовить кофе? If so, is there any difference in connotation?


There is no difference. You can:

Сдéлать кофе


Приготóвить кофе


Свари́ть кофе


Завари́ть кофе


These ones mean absolutely the same.


Thanks for those examples. I'm happy to see how much I can read in them. That last one, by the way, seems to disagree with what you're saying here. (Unless I'm misreading, they're saying that one doesn't сварит coffee, one заварит it. You don't cook it, you brew it, I think they're saying?)

But either way, I see the evidence you're providing. Makes sense. We say it various ways in English as well. My wife's uncle always refers to it as "building a pot of coffee," which is a bizarre and wonderful way to say it.


Why is "Tomorrow morning we will COOK coffee" wrong?


Simply because it's never said that way.

As a native English speaker, that sounds to me like you are going to boil the coffee WAY past the point of it being normal drinking coffee--like you're going to boil it down to a thick sludge or something.

Or it sounds like you're cooking just the coffee beans or coffee grounds, to use as an ingredient in a recipe or something.


Thank You for the explanation!


Because you don't "cook" coffee-

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