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How to stop students cheating offline or identify when it is happening!

Hi everyone,

Some of my students have found that if they start an activity online, then go offline and type anything, then go back online towards the end of the activity, they can score points quickly. Any help on how to stop or identify when they are doing this?

November 23, 2015



It is a bug that has been around for quite a while. Since they are your students there is a fairly easy way to identify if they have been learning what they are supposed to learn. Give them a good old test. If they have been using the "cheat" it will become clear very soon, plus if they fail their test they will realise that while it helps them score points quickly the "cheat" is no good in real life.


I just tried it, and as you said, it worked indeed. Very remarkable. If I were you, I would report this definately to Duolingo (perhaps troubleshooting?).


Thanks, i've just reported it as a bug, so hopefully will get some feedback soon.


This doesn't make sense. If you get out of duolingo the activity will not be there when you go back in.


It works, try it! You don't go off the page, just click offline and keep playing.

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