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  5. "Мне давно надо в больницу."

"Мне давно надо в больницу."

Translation:I have needed to go to the hospital for a long time.

November 23, 2015



this construction does not work in english, I have needed to go, just don't work. normal people would use "I should have been to the hospital a long time ago" or "my visit to the hospital is long overdue", but the phrase you are using is grammatically wrong, the other option is "I have been needing", but again, no one would use it.


the suggested solution "i have needed .. " should rather be "i needed". or even better .."i should have gone.."


how does this mean "I have needed to go" instead of "I need to be".

[deactivated user]

    It's an accusative case. «В» + accusative expresses the final point of movement.

    To be would be «Мне давно́ на́до быть в больни́це», and you cannot drop «быть» in such case.


    ‘I have been needing to go to the hospital for a long time.’ – This is what I wrote, but it was not accepted. Can you say ‘have been needing’? I am not entirely sure myself.


    "I have needed to go" - does not sound right. I should be" I needed to go to the hospital for a long time".


    So how would you distinguish between this and "I need to go to the hospital for a long time"? (i.e. I am about to go to the hospital and I will be there for a while)


    "Мне надо в больницу надолго", or "мне надо надолго в больницу". The key word is "надолго" wich means "for a long time", while "давно" means (depending on context) either "long time ago" or "since long time ago 'till now" and the latter meaning is used in the Duo's sentence (English renders this meaning through using Present Perfect)


    Very helpful, thank you!


    I needed to go to hospital for a long time


    can this be translated as "i have been needing to go to the hospital for a long time"?


    In BE, I see nothing wrong with or unnatural about Duo's English translation here - assuming, that is, that I have still not gone to the hospital!


    Can I use давно like this generally to refer to the past from the present? Like «Я давно делаю упражнения?» ))))

    Or are there restrictions?

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, «Я давно делаю упражнения» is OK.

      Although «делаю упражнения» is not something I’d say: I’d specify what kind of exercises you do, e.g. «я давно делаю заря́дку» ‘I’ve been doing morning exercises for a long time’ or «я давно́ де́лаю упражне́ния из э́той кни́ги» ‘I’ve been doing exercises from this book for a long time’. Without some context, just «упражне́ния» sounds strange because there are a lot of completely unrelated activities described by this word (e.g. physical exercises and language exercises have little in common).


      Thanks SZ! ;) I always appreciate your answers.


      WHY IS "I need to go to the hospital for a long time" WRONG????

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