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Swedish is one year old!

It is 365 days since the Swedish course went public here on Duolingo! Thank you and congratulations! :)

November 23, 2015



Redan ett år? Hurra! :D

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for this post - and thanks to the Swedish Duo team. Tigu-cz - your 365 day streak has not gone unnoticed - good for you and congratulations on your one year streak!


    Thank you! :)


    Wow, a year already?


    Grattis till alla som arbetat med det och alla som har avslutat det...


    Well I have been learning Swedish for that long already aswell xD. Only lost my streak around two weeks in but other than that fatefull day: duolingo swedish every day xD


    Grattis på födeseldagen!


    This is not accurate. There is a difference between reaching 100% in beta phase and going public. It took several more days to release the course. I was refreshing the page almost every hour when it was close to release. I still have the streak from that release (yep, it is 366 days today). You can look it up on this forum if you want :)


    I finished the tree the same evening (native speaker here), and I have congratulatory messages in my email from fellow Duolingoists dated 18 November...


    It's just that list tells you the date it became available. For example, Polish is at 100% but hasn't yet "entered phase 2" as the wikia puts it. Have you used any streak freezes?


    Yes, I have used about two of them. Not because I didn't make time to study that day, but Duolingo does not work offline -.-


    Then surely it has been more than 365 (or 6) days. It is called streak FREEZE, not "Do 100, get 1 for free" for a reason.


    Makes sense, but it seems too much for me - I am not aware about using this function that often :) But it is possible.


    Jag kan inte tro det!! Jag är nästan klar med trädet och jag har inte pratat Engelska i 3 månader! Vilket är bra :)

    Tack för alla vars hårt jobbat hjälpade att lära mig det här vackra språket.


    ^^^I know right?! ^^^


    Skål! :) Hälsningar från Polen.


    Well I cannot imagine one year later, probably we'll have all the languages.

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