"One has a beautiful view from the bridge."

Translation:Man har en vakker utsikt fra broen.

November 23, 2015

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Is "broen" no longer correct in today's Norwegian?


I answered 'man har en pen utsikt fra brua' but it was wrong. I was supposed to use 'fin' instead of 'pen'. I think both should be correct. If I am wrong, could someone explain why?


I've accepted it, but know that it's a lot less common to use 'pen' as an adjective to describe 'utsikt'. 'fin' and 'vakker' are 20x more common.

'pen' should often be translated to 'pretty'.


Ok, tusen takk! I didn't know the difference, and my norwegian boyfriend said it was correct, but he is not good explaining things like this (and english is not my native language either)


That's fine :) And there is some overlap between the different adjectives when you translate them, so it's not the easiest thing to learn...

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