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  5. "Ĉu vi havas liberan tempon?"

"Ĉu vi havas liberan tempon?"

Translation:Do you have free time?

November 24, 2015



No, but i have to do Duolingo regardless. It's eating up my spare time AND my sleep time at this point, having 8 exercises decayed each day.


Would it also be right when I say spare time


What is the difference between 'senpaga' and 'libera'?


'Senpaga' means 'without pay'. 'Libera' means 'not restrained or impeded'. It can also mean 'vacant'.


Senpaga - free of costs, Libera - with liberty


Would "Do you have any free time?" or "Do you have some free time?" be acceptable translations?

What part of speech would "any" be? Seems to be working like "a" or "the", like an article. Is that wrong or right?


Any is a pronoun expressing uncertainty, which can be used also as an adjective. In English it replaces some in questions unless you ask for a favour. The Esperanto translation is iu.

  • Ĉu vi havas iun liberan tempon? – Do you have any free time?
  • Jes, mi havas iun liberan tempon. – Yes, I have some free time.
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