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  5. "Ho l'acqua nel bicchiere."


"Ho l'acqua nel bicchiere."

January 9, 2013



Should this not be" I have the water in the glass?"


I think there's going to be some confusion regarding this because a previous Duo question asked how to translate "the glass," and the answer was "il bicchiere." But I found an answer online that explains the difference between bicchiere and tazza, and it does seem like the glass should be accepted according to it.

"Bicchiere and tazza are two completely different kitchenware: un bicchiere is a drinking glass, it comes in different heights and widths depending what you want to use it for, like to serve wine, soda, water, beverages, or hard liquor; la tazza is a cup [with saucer] that comes in three sizes: one for coffee, one for hot tea, and one for breakfast cereal."


it must be my hearing. I can't hear some of these smaller words: their pronunciation is so lost in the larger words.


why "io ho.." doesn't work?


prob becouse you have to spell as they speak


In American English most people would say: "I have a glass of water." Interesting how the prepositions are different from Italian to English.


I don't understand why "l'acqua" is used here rather than "acqua"


From what I've seen, "l'acqua" is just common usage by the Italians, so just get used to saying "water" with a definite article when speaking in Italian.

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