"She was waiting for the answer."

Translation:Она ждала ответа.

3 years ago


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What's the difference between "Она ждала ответа" and "она ждала ответ"?

3 years ago


The very bottom of the "Tips and Notes" for the Instrumental Case skill has a bunch of less common "cases", including:

“Waiting” case: not much of a case, but actually the verb “ждать” (to wait) would use Accusative for people and things that can affect their appearance and Genitive for everything else (an event/thing that does not choose when to arrive).

So, basically, this is just a special case.

Она хдала ответа - genitive

Она ждала мальчика - accusative of an animate masculine noun (same as genitive)

Она ждала девочку - accusative, clearly not a genitive

3 years ago
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