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"Du ikke støtte meg i dette valget."

Translation:You do not need to support me in this choice.

November 24, 2015



I have been thinking of "må" as the equivalent of 'must." How would you say "you must not support me" in Norwegian? Or is it contextual?


I would have translated "You do not need to support me in this choice" either like it is done here (with the "må") or in the following way: "Du behøver/trenger ikke støtte meg i dette valget". I would say we would always translate "You must not support me" as "du må ikke støtte meg". Context and which word you stress could give the sentence some slightly different meanings, just like you expected.


Thank you for the answer, I was wondering the exact same thing.


So how does the negation of "må" work? Is it like in German, where it basically means "you don't have to" or like in english where it is "you mustn't? Because there is a huge difference, and this is the first time I have come across this way of translating it.


how would you translate "you must not support me" in the sense of "you must not support me, or you would work harder" for ex.


I reported the exercise for not accepting "You must not support me in this choice"


Why would we not use 'trenger' instead of 'må'?

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