"The girl and the boy eat."

Translation:Jenta og gutten spiser.

November 24, 2015

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I translated this as "Jenten og gutten spiser" and apparently that is counted as right, although Duo also suggests the option "Jenta og gutten spiser". Can anyone tell me what the difference between these two sentences is, if any, and why both are considered correct? (If that's true...)


Although "jenten" is technically a viable spelling, almost no one uses it. This is the masculine spelling of the word "the girl." Norwegians are far more likely to use the feminine spelling, "jenta." Feminine words, such as "jente," "kvinne," "bygde," and "ku," can use either masculine or feminine endings. Masculine words, however, can only use masculine endings.


That is a great, in-depth and very clear explanation – thank you so much, Luke!


No worries! Anytime.


What is the difference between jenta and jente?

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