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"The restaurant lies next to the shop."

Translation:Restauranten ligger ved siden av butikken.

November 24, 2015



I think English speakers (at least where I am from) are more likely to say "The restaurant is next to...." "lies next to" sounds odd....


One can use either word as a translation. "Lies" is the literal translation of "ligger" and sounds fine to me.


What the Norwegian literal equivalent is is irrelevant for a request to translate from English to Norwegian. If anything, the odd English amounts to too much of a 'tip-off' to the expected Norwegian. Asking English speakers to translate "the restaurant IS next to..." is actually more of a challenge.


Personally, the literal translations help me remember when to use and not use er/ligger/står/etc.. because it is unusual to say it this way in english, I would prefer that the literal translations stay, so I can train my mind to think in the Norwegian way


Would "Restauranten ligger ved til butikken" make any sense?


Could we use here the verb "står"?


just need to memorize "ved siden av" as "next to" as it is very commonly used everywhere no?


Does ved siden av translate to, by the side of?


Particularly tricky because in English we're more likely to use "stand" to describe a building, unless it's in ruins.

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