"Яке населення у Денвері?"

Translation:What is the population in Denver?

November 24, 2015

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What's the difference between (in English) : "population in Denver" and "population of Denver"? It's more common to say the latter although the expression in Ukrainian would be different (genitive case?)


I would definitely say "What is the population of Denver?" in English and "Яке населення Денвера?" in Ukrainian (in this case Денвер is in Genitiv), I don't know why the sentence here is this way...


Can I ask, why does this course use so many American cities and English proper names? I don't think anyone is learning Ukrainian in order to visit or live in the US. Ukrainian, being spoken in a limited locale and by a limited number of people in the world, isn't the type of language that you'd learn unless you were a foreigner living in Ukraine or for some reason interacting with a lot of Ukrainian people elsewhere (as is my case in the Czech Republic). Why not focus the exercises on actual place names and proper names common in Ukraine?

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Why the answer "What is the Denver population?" Is wrong?


Is it correct in English?


Yes that makes sense in English but that ignores the Ukrainian 'у'


Почему только Денвер фигурирует в заданиях?


Firstly, it's not only Denver. Secondly, I think Denver and Atlanta are used because their spelling and pronunciation is very similar to the English one, simply a letter by letter correspondence. Compare to Нью-Йорк or Вашингтон which are not so trivial.


Thank you for your reply. I asked a question for the reason that it seems to me that it would be more interesting to add the names of other states of America. A bonus for students would be the opportunity to learn the names of different states of America and their correct spelling. Thanks again. Have a nice day!


Oh yeah that sounds good actually! Yes, maybe not in the main course, but as a bonus to the students who are interested :) In some bonus section.

For now the only thing you can do is look it up on Wikipedia or open Ukrainian Google Maps and roam around the map :)

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