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  5. "Что ест курица?"

"Что ест курица?"

Translation:What is the hen eating?

November 24, 2015



This is great :D It clearly demonstrates the use of different cases in Russian :)


Could this also be translated as "What is eating the hen?"

[deactivated user]

    No, this would be «Что ест ку́рицу?»


    ...because the chicken/hen would be a Direct Object, and therefore in the Accusative?

    [deactivated user]


      Курица ест что она хочет.


      Australian - what is the chook eating? Not accepted July 2018


      Presumably this can mean "what is the chicken eating?" too?


      I am going to agree with you, since the English word for chicken can be either a male or female. Also, it seems to me that else where the program has been accepting "chicken" for "курица"

      [deactivated user]

        Not really. «Ку́рица» can be translated 'chicken' when it refers to meat, but when you're referring to a living chicken, chicken would be «цыплёнок».


        I'm fairly certain that курица is in fact the word used to refer to an adult chicken (that is alive), while цыплёнок is used to refer to a chick or very young chicken.

        [deactivated user]

          Sorry, I didn't know 'chicken' can refer to adult birds too +_+. In Russian, we only have ку́рица for female adult birds, пету́х for male adult birds, and цыплёнок for young birds.


          We English speakers always say "chick" for a baby chicken :)


          I'm very glad I asked now! Thank you for explaining.


          And what about чикен? I just saw it in a menu in Moscow :)

          [deactivated user]

            It’s a name of the dish, not a generic word for chicken.

            If you go to a Japanese restaurant, you’ll find things like ‘Shake maki’ on the menu, but it doesn’t mean that ‘shake’ an acceptable way to say ‘salmon’ in English.

            Similarly, if you go to McDonalds and find «Чи́кен МакНа́ггетс» on the menu, it doesn’t mean that «чикен» is an acceptable way to say ‘chicken’ in Russian.


            What is wrong with usage "chicken" instead of "hen"?


            Why cant i say chicken


            I put "What does a chicken eat" and that was an acceptable answer. But it seems very different from the actual answer. Is my answer actually correct?


            It's correct. In Russian there's no differentiation between simple present tense and present continuous. This determined by context.

            Курица ест кукурузу. A chicken eats corn.

            Курица сейчас ест кукурузу. = The chicken is eating corn now.

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            Бот читает как философский трактат "что естЬ курица".


            Курица есть птица, недалеко ушедшая от своих предков - динозавров. Хотя индейку называют ещё более близким их родственником ;)


            Wouldn't this phrase be like:

            Что курица ест?

            And "Что ест курица?", wouldn't be like:

            What does the hen eat?

            Instead of " What is the hen eating?"?


            Why is 'what is a chicken eating? wrong? 'a' vs. 'the'


            "A chicken" is indefinite. "Is eating" implies a perfective aspect, which implies a specific chicken. So the two better options are "What does a chicken eat?" Or "What is the chicken eating?"


            Why is wrong "What does the hen eat"?


            Nothing wrong with that. Report it.


            I can type anything, it always consider the answer wrong... there is a bug. I typed... What does the chicken eat ? What is the hen eating? What is the chicken eating ? Nothing works.... By the way, курица is a chicken, not a hen


            Why does it say the answer is, what is X eating and in other answers with the same word format its translates to what does X eat? Is that just a nuance of the languege where context matters more in this situation?


            In Russian, there is only present tense. "Ест" means both "eats"/"does eat" and "is eating." The difference is determined by context.

            Что сейчас ест курица? What is the chicken eating now?

            Что ест курица обычно? What does the chicken usually eat?


            I always read "Что ест курица?" As "what's eating the chicken". I think its the word order thats messing me up. Does anyone have any tips for this?


            Noun declension is crucial. If the chicken is the object of the sentence, it takes the accusative case курицу.

            Что ест курицу? What eats chicken?


            In normal mode it say "есть" instead of "ест". In slow mode everything is ok.


            On this comments webpage, it sounds normal "ест."


            the audio says what is a hen. If you go only by the audio you can't get it right. There are a lot of example of this kind of incorrect audio in the Russian duolingo.


            The audio is fine, except it sounds like кури́ца when it should be ку́рица. But the sentence "Что есть курица?" doesn't translate as "what is chicken." It's just an ungrammatical sentence.


            he is definitely saying что есть курица


            I hear ест, not есть. There is no ть sound in it.

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