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  5. Sorry to leave.


Sorry to leave.

My hearing is not up to understanding the lessons properly. I am not leaving from lack of interest. Good luck to all.

November 24, 2015



If you are mainly interested in learning to read, you can just choose to disable the speaker in the Settings. That way, you don't get any listening questions at all.


Thank you so much, have done that and am staying now.


True. In fact a lot of people do that even if their hearing is fine. There are lots of reasons: so as not to disturb people nearby, because their speakers don't work properly, because some of duo's text-to-speech is of low quality, etc.


I did that for French, because of the reasons that you mention and because I have a fairly good idea of how to pronounce French, but had to turn the sound on again for Russian... :-)


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

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IIRC there was a plugin for chrome which somehow replaced Duo's TTS with Google's one. I didn't try it but i saw it somewhere.


Oh my goodness. Thank you to everyone. Such a lot of greetings when I woke up this morning. My heart tinged with sadness with your nation's sadness. Know that my heart is with each and every one of you. I have turned the things off in settings and find that this is sure a good way to go. Get the drift of the sounds by writing down the sounds under all the letters in all the words. One day I will know them well enough not to have to do that. You all filled my heart with joy by taking the time to help me.


Yeay! :-) It's great if we could help. I'm also just starting out on my Russian journey, and dream of being able to read simple children's books this time next year.


Reading children's books sounds like a great way to begin. I will remember this.


If you are happy learning just written Russian, you can turn off the loudspeaker in the settings. Then you will not be given any tasks for "write what you hear".


So happy now to be staying.


Staying thanks Knoxienne.


I thought the same about French when I started with it, but it got better.


For me, a set of good headphones provided much better hearing acuity than listening directly through the speakers on my computer. I don't know the nature or degree of your hearing problems, but I hope you can find a solution, and continue learning the language!


Suzanne! Wher are you? I hopy you good luck.

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