"The hotel is in front of us."

Translation:Гостиница находится перед нами.

November 24, 2015

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Why i cant translate like: "Этот Отель напротив нас"? cause it means the same, but in shortly way.


There is no «этот» in the sentence, and as for «напротив»—well, it means a completely different thing, though you could, theoretically, translate it back to "in front of" in some situations.


Напротив нас in your sentence would be more like across from us


What is wrong with "Перед нами гостиница"?


I am not a native speaker but as I understand when you say "перед нами гостиница" it means "There is a hotel in front of us" more like responding to the question "What is in front of us?". When you say "Гостиница перед нами" it means "The hotel is in front of us" like responding to "Where is the hotel?", a specific hotel.


I feel the same about this. Гостиница находится перед нами = the Hotel is located (found itself) before/ahead us. But, перед нами гостиница = the hotel is ahead/in front of us.

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