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  5. "Кто-нибудь меня помнит?"

"Кто-нибудь меня помнит?"

Translation:Does anyone remember me?

November 24, 2015



How would you say: "Will anyone remember me?"


«Меня кто-нибудь будет помнить?»


Hmm, I believe in Polish we have two verbs that can be translated as "remember": "pamiętać" and "wspominać". We use "pamiętać" when we talk about something we know from the past: "Pamiętam, co mi powiedziała" - "I remember what she said to me". "Wspominać" is like sitting in a couch with a cup of coffee and thinking about the past / looking back: "Wspominam stare dobre czasy" - "I remember good old days". Which verb refers to помнить? And does Меня кто-нибудь будет помнить? mean:
1.) Ktokolwiek mnie wspomni? (short action; even one thought or word about something)
2.) Ktokolwiek będzie mnie pamiętał? (long action; having something in memory)
I hope it's clear and thanks in advance!


It's the same exact meaning in Russian as Polish, помнить and вспоминать.

1.) Кто-нибудь меня вспомнит?

2.) Кто-нибудь будет меня помнить?


Kto niby mnie wspomni? Kto niby będzie mnie pamiętał? Atleast from my experience Polish shares more similarities with Russian than with Czech or Slovakian. Quite a nice surprise.


Thanks for the answer!

Just to clarify for the English-speaking folks: помнить would be 'remember', while вспоминать would be more in line with 'reminisce'.


Does anybody here remember loffta [laughter]? --Robert Plant


Again, as with my past comment, just as in Spanish, "Alguien me recuerda?" The Russian syntax is so strangely close to us Spanish/Romance speakers :)


Member Chewbacca?


But somebidy remember (without s) me is not correct


"does remember" is correct. Does anyone remember me?

"anyone remembers" is correct without the word "does/do"


Yes but the correction was " somebody remember me" without does and without an s which is quite different ,more like пусть кто нибудь вспомнит обо мне


My Duolingo shows "Does anyone remember me?"

You are correct that "somebody rememberS me" would be the proper way, but I don't see that version on my Duolingo.


The English verb "to do" is used as an auxiliary verb when asking a question, but is not used* in making a statement. "Does anyone remember me?" "Yes, someone remembers you."

* "to do" is used as an auxiliary in emphatic statements. "Yes, someone does remember you!" - but that is an uncommon usage, simply because emphatic statements are not common. If you want to emphasize the verb in an English statement, add the correct conjugation of "to do" before the verb. The verb-form which follows the auxiliary "to do" is the infinitive (without "to" in front of it). For example:

He remembers
He does remember (emphatic)
Does he remember? (question - no emphasis)

If you want to emphasize the verb in a question, you have to use some sort of adverb: "Does he really remember?"

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