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"Извини, скажи ещё раз, как тебя зовут."

Translation:Sorry, tell me one more time what your name is.

November 24, 2015



excuse me, say one more time, what is your name?

[deactivated user]

    меня зовут кхан.


    Duo didn't accept "Sorry, tell me again what is your name". Reported it but please tell me if it's wrong


    I think it should be accepted


    "Sorry, tell me one more time what your name is." could be accepted too but no I have to fail the direct test to the next level because of an outdated database.


    DL should not mark wrong "...what is your name." It's a compound sentence, and the second part, "...как тебя зовут," translates directly to "what is your name."

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