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  5. "Ja, das ist ziemlich lecker."

"Ja, das ist ziemlich lecker."

Translation:Yes, that is pretty delicious.

November 24, 2015



Pretty good should be accepted for ziemlich lecker since it's a common phrase in English.


yes. we say "pretty good" but really who says "pretty delicious. I have not heard that


Exactly. We wouldn't say it at all. Delicious implies that something is very good - extremely good, even. Pretty good is in between just okay and absolutely amazing, and it's exactly how we would (and do) phrase it. Pretty delicious makes no sense in English and I've never heard it.


I've said that several times in my life


Na, not sure I agree. There's a tremendous amount of variability when it comes to descriptions like that. I could easily say, or hear - "Yeah, that's pretty delicious!" when tasting something. BUT, I suspect you are right about meaning, here. "Pretty good" might cover this word choice, or even "pretty tasty", but "pretty delicious" is close to the top, like "wow, that's super" or "really delicious".


Germans say things differently it is so weird


I agree, and it's a common way for it to be said in English.


Also, something is either delicious or it isn't. I can't see something being "pretty" delicious or "quite" delicious. It's a superlative sort of adjective which already means it tastes very good.


delicious isn't a superlative, "the most delicious" would be


Well, pretty good and really good are two different things. I would say ziemlich lecker is pretty good.


"Yes, that is quite delicious" should be accepted. This makes sense in English.


Absolutely. Did you report it? I just did. The hover clue also uses quite as a definition for ziemlich.


So....what is wrong with "That is really tasty"


The literal translation for "ziemlich lecker" is pretty delicious but I think many "human" translators would translate it as "really delicious." While certainly not incorrect, "pretty delicious" is not nearly as common in usage as "really delicious."


1) Ziemlich also means quite. Then, why according to Duo, quite tasty/delicious is marked wrong?

2) Anyway, at the second attempt I was given, I wrote: Yes, this is pretty delicious. And Duo marked it as wrong, correcting me with the sentence: Yes, that is pretty delicious.

Please, fix both issues, because it's not fair. Although I can feel that the persons in charge will ignore my comment as usual.


Somewhat = sort of No?


"rather good" is wrong, really?


i think not, i think it's a valid translation


"Tips" theory page and hover hints both show "Quite" as a translation for "ziemlich".. Apparently "Quite delicious" is wrong, smh


It says that one of the translations for "ziemlich" is "quite", so why didn't it accept "yes, that is quite delicious"?


Very delicious, pretty delicious, how to differentiate them?


very delicious = sehr lecker
pretty / quite delicious = ziemlich lecker


It is my language and "emmamaryboyd" is right and so is "quis_lib_duo". I used "quite tasty" but i spelled "quite" wrong and wrote "quit" without the "e". That was my mistake but i do not know if "tasty" would have passed as correct?

"very" is 100% wrong, because it is too strong. Every translation must be weaker. So i used "quite".

Even if "pretty good" is a common phrase, "good" is no translation for "lecker". It is just another word and much less specific.

Delicious is 100% right, i am not sure about "tasty" (my choice) though. Maybe some native speaker could explain that.


I'll agree that tasty is a better word since delicious is too strong and implies a lot of tastiness. Also, I've never heard anyone say something is pretty delicious in English, but lots of people say it's pretty good. I haven't heard anyone say pretty tasty, but I wouldn't find it odd if I did, so that one gets my vote. I still think pretty good should be accepted, because it's the phrase we're after, and it's probably the most common way that that particular phrase is said in American English.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not sure if Duolingo is shooting for British English, though, in which case feel free to ignore this entire comment, because I have no idea how it's commonly said in British English.


As I commented above, don't know who you hang with (I assume in the U.S.), but I know "pretty delicious", "pretty tasty", "pretty good", ad infinitum are ALL common, although women seem to like to use the "delicious" word more than men do! However, as superlatives go, they are also all different, and my impression here is that I "totally" agree with you. "Pretty good" sounds like it fits - you would say it before you trot out the "big words" like "delicious", but it's certainly better than "good". "Tasty" might BE "pretty good" .. and THEN you might get to "pretty tasty" - MAYBE.

Haha .. Of course, it might also depend on how you emphasize the word "pretty"! I COULD call something "pretty good" with emphasis on the "pretty" that most of us would interpret as, "almost but not quite good".

And so it goes with superlatives. That's why teachers warned us in school to avoid them as much as possible. It can be a very, very, VERY slippery slope! ;-D


"Yes, that is quite delicious"

Marked wrong.. but what's wrong with it?


Both "quite and rather" were not accepted. You would NEVER say "pretty delicious" in English.


"Pretty delicious" makes perfect sense to my Minnesotan ears. "Quite delicious" also makes sense and would be a stronger statement.


why is: "yes that is quite delicious" wrong?


I don't know, but I tried the same thing and it didn't work. "Quite tasty" worked for me though. "Quite delicious should be accepted as far as I am concerned.


When to use this phrase " ziemlich lecker" and when to use "sehr lecker"?


Sehr lecker is when something is very good (unheimlich lecker is even stronger and would mean something like "absolutely delicious"). Ziemlich lecker is less strong than "sehr" and "unheimlich" and means that it is "fairly" or "quite" good. It's all a matter of how much you want to praise the food. :)


Yes, this tastes rather good.


Just a quick one: is there a genuine reason why 'somewhat' is not accepted when 'sort of' is? Or is this just an oversight?


Neither "somewhat" nor "sort of" would be a good fit for "ziemlich" which conveys a sense of "to a greater degree" as opposed to the "to a lesser degree" implied by both of those.


Brilliant explanation, thanks!


Why is it wrong? yes it is pretty tasty


For two reasons: For some unknown reason, duoLingo rejects "tasty" as a definition for "lecker" even though that's a commonly used English word in this context. Also, your use of "it" would translate as "es" and, in this case, "das" was used, which translates as "that" instead.

Although duoLingo would disagree, I'd say this is a perfectly valid translation: "Yes, that is pretty tasty."


Yummy works. I learned the word "lecker" from a happy three year old with chocolate pudding all over her face.


i wrote"Yes, that is tasty enough" why wasn't it accepted?


what is wrong with really tasty?


What's wrong with "Yes, that is really tasty", other than that DL does not like it?


It's a matter of degree, with "really" implying a stronger degree of tastiness than "ziemlich" does. I'd say that "Yes, that is pretty tasty," or "Yes, that is quite tasty," would express the degree of tastiness that "ziemlich" implies.


There are problems with the duo answer. 1 - a food is either delicious or it is not. It canĀ“t be half-way, as other users have pointed out. 2 - pretty in this sense is slang - at least in British English (I do not know about US English) and so while it will appear in spoken English, it would not normally be in written texts.


Absolutely agree, but us Yanks can't handle NOT piling superlative upon superlative (witness: "absolutely" agree)! I'm mean, there's always the "best of the best of the best!"

Hopefully, none of us would actually write something using such super-superlatives (it happens ALL the time, here!), but speaking, it is VERY rare to hear "unqualified" superlatives like, "Wow, that's delicious." No, unfortunately, what you'll hear is, "Wow! That's really delicious!", or of course, "Wow! That's incredibly delicious", or, "Wow! That's the most incredibly, REALLY delicious thing I've ever tasted!"

Somehow, we have many grades of "The Best" here in the U.S.!


Delicious is a superlative, not a comparative. Something either is or isn't delicious. Tasty or good would be the correct word. tried to suggest a correction but its glitching :/


"Pretty tasty" would be a better push-button choice. "Pretty delicious" strikes me as damning with faint praise.


I totally agree with airille


Why it will be wrong, if we use this?


I have tried using "quite" and "fairly", the two definitions given when hovering over "ziemlich". BOTH are considered wrong. "Rather" is also marked wrong, but in the same lesson, "Das Fenster ist ziemlich blau" is translated as "The window is RATHER blue." Fix this, please.


Why can't it be : That's really tasty

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