"winter break"

Translation:зимние каникулы

November 24, 2015

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why not отпуск, which is used elsewhere for "break," I'm pretty sure?

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    О́тпуск is something you have when you're working, and you can usually choose when to have it. Кани́кулы is something you have when you're studying, and you can’t choose the time.


    but how is one supposed to know here which is which?


    I wrote отпуск because that's what they'd used earlier in this lesson, so I thought that's the one they wanted there. I think it needs to be fixed because you can take a break from work or school, so it could be either.


    or "зимний перерыв" (e.g. in a farmer's work in the field)


    Зимний перерыв is not accepted as correct


    Why not зимный каникул ?


    You just have to remember that (1) каникулы has no singular form, only plural; and (2) the masculine forms of adjectives зимний, летний, весенний, вешний, осенний, ранний, поздний, верхний, нижний, дальний, ближний, средний, крайний, последний, лишний, порожний, иногородний, междугородний and some other end in -ий rather than -ый in the nominative case (their neuter and feminine forms end -ее and -яя respectively). Their nominative plural forms end in -ие.


    I'm still confused as to why they don't accept отпуск, because in the course one of the sentences is Наконец-то! Летний отпуск!, which seem to follow in the same vein as this question.


    Read Szeraja_zhaba's comment (second from the top).


    Although we say ״летний отпуск", we usually do not specify the season of the year when it is other than the summer. This is why it is unlikely that, in the case of "winter break", отпуск is meant rather than каникулы. On the other hand, зимние каникулы is a common phrase.


    So, how are people just learning this supposed to know what phrases are common?


    I feel "winter holidays" would be better here, as it reflects the plurality of каникулы.

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