"The fish is on the table."

Translation:Рыба — на столе.

November 24, 2015

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Why does на столе not come first when in the locations chapter is says you put the location before the object?


Рыба — на столе. "The fish is on the table."

На столе — рыба. "There is fish on the table."


Excellent explanation.


I think it's because the emphasis is on the table, not the fish.

Где рыба? (Where is the fish?)

Рыба — на столе. (The fish is on the table.)


Что лежит на столе? (What lies on the table?)

На столе лежит рыба. (On the table, lies a fish.)

(Or maybe it's the other way around.)


Which is exactly how I ordered my response, and WRONG, with no explanation, as always.


Why does DL say there is a typo with "na" in translit "Rÿba na stole"?

NB: this is not to get into the whole translit vs. cyrillic debate - I read and write in cyrillic fluently but sometimes use transliteration on computers for convenience and speed.


I just tried that, and it didn't show that there was a typo. But if anything, it might be because Duo wanted "y" not "ÿ".


I was wondering the same thing.


Столе vs стол? Which do I use when?


The preposition "на", when describing location on something, requires prepositional case. "Столе" is the prepositional form of "стол".


Столе WHERE, Стол WHAT


Please, please, please! Where is this button that supposedly will let me see the cyrillic spelling of Russian words? I despise the transliterations.


On PC you can see the "Aa-Яя" button at the upper left corner (leave the comments section, it's visible only when you are learning or training).


Thanks for your reply, Ivaristal. However, I am using a Mac computer, and I just don't see the Aa-Яя at all, anywhere or anytime. Apparently there is some programming that Duolingo has not done that would suit the Mac or the Safari browser. I will try using Firefox next lesson time. If it works, I will post it. UPDATE: I did try Firefox just now, and there is still no Aa-Яя.


Ведь рыба ЛЕЖИТ на столе ,а не стоит.


Duo, fish mean рыба и рыбы so whyyyyy are you correcting me???


Is "Рыбы - на столе" not accepted because of the verb "is" instead of "are" in the English sentence? I'm asking because the word "fish" by itself can mean both singular and plural.


Is "Рыба есть на столе" correct?


I had the same answer. It should be marked as correct. Dear DL, can you please add this as a correct answer?

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