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"The university is on this bank of the river and the academy is on the other."

Translation:Университет находится на этом берегу реки, а академия - на другом.

November 24, 2015



I put Университет находится на этом берегу реки, а академия находится на другом and I was marked wrong. Is this acceptable?


No, it is right. When in English 'is' is repeated, then it should also be acceptable in Russian. I reported it.


Still considered as wrong !


And still marked wrong June 2021.


not is not a stupid decision to get red hearts


Still marked as wrong, January 2022


«Университет находится на этом берегу реки, а академия находится на другом» was not accepted.

Reported. (Sept. 21, 2019)


I put that exact sentence, and Duolingo said I was wrong, and said the correct answer was what I had entered, word for word.


I wrote "университет стоит на этом береге реки а академия на другом". WRONG. How can anyone ever learn Russian? HOW?

[deactivated user]

    You should use «на берегу́», not «на бе́реге». The word «берег» is one of the few words that has a separate locative form (when speaking about the location, a special variant of the Prepositional case is used, «на берегу́»; in other cases it's «о бе́реге»).

    «Стои́т» is OK.


    That's very interesting. I didn't know that. What are the other words that have a separate locative form/a special variant of the prepositional case when speaking about location?

    [deactivated user]

      Some examples (found them here) are в шкафу́ 'in the closet', в лесу́ 'in the forest', в плену́ 'in captivity', на берегу́ 'on the shore/bank', во рту 'in one's mouth', в боку́ 'in one's side', в раю́ 'in paradise', в носу́ 'in one's nose', на лбу 'on one's forehead', в бою́ 'in the battle', на полу́ 'on the floor', на виду́ 'in visibility (=visible)'.

      Some feminine nouns (ending in -ь in nominative case) have a second prepositional case form too, but its only difference from the normal prepositional case is the place of stress. Some examples are в печи́ 'in the oven', в тиши́ 'in silence', в крови́ 'in blood', в тени́ 'in shadow', на мели́ 'aground, on the shoal'.

      I don't have a full list, but I have a hunch it shouldn't be long: for most nouns, the second prepositional case form doesn't exist.


      That's great. Thank you so much for your help :)

      [deactivated user]

        Russian is like an endless puzzle, mate. But nontheless our minds are also incredibly powerful.


        Yeah, I suppose so.


        Hmm. I was thinking "bank" would be "берег" in Russian, hence "...на берегу...". But just to be sure I checked the drop-down provided for "bank", and it said "банке". So, like a fool I used that instead, and got marked wrong, even though everything else in my sentence was correct. I reported it.


        Ещё слишком много неправильных ударений в простых словах!


        Берегу is not an option when I click on "bank." Reported 04/08/2020


        Is... is... So I put находится twice... Wrong ! Why saying академія находиться на другом is wrong ?


        It is because находится and находятся are not the same, the second one is plural, so you mustn't use it in this sentence.


        Is the stress on другом on "друг"


        Shouldn't the stress on другом be on ом?

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