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"The university is on this bank of the river and the academy is on the other."

Translation:Университет находится на этом берегу реки, а академия - на другом.

November 24, 2015



I put Университет находится на этом берегу реки, а академия находится на другом and I was marked wrong. Is this acceptable?


No, it is right. When in English 'is' is repeated, then it should also be acceptable in Russian. I reported it.


Still considered as wrong !


«Университет находится на этом берегу реки, а академия находится на другом» was not accepted.

Reported. (Sept. 21, 2019)


I put that exact sentence, and Duolingo said I was wrong, and said the correct answer was what I had entered, word for word.


I wrote "университет стоит на этом береге реки а академия на другом". WRONG. How can anyone ever learn Russian? HOW?

[deactivated user]

    You should use «на берегу́», not «на бе́реге». The word «берег» is one of the few words that has a separate locative form (when speaking about the location, a special variant of the Prepositional case is used, «на берегу́»; in other cases it's «о бе́реге»).

    «Стои́т» is OK.


    That's very interesting. I didn't know that. What are the other words that have a separate locative form/a special variant of the prepositional case when speaking about location?

    [deactivated user]

      Some examples (found them here) are в шкафу́ 'in the closet', в лесу́ 'in the forest', в плену́ 'in captivity', на берегу́ 'on the shore/bank', во рту 'in one's mouth', в боку́ 'in one's side', в раю́ 'in paradise', в носу́ 'in one's nose', на лбу 'on one's forehead', в бою́ 'in the battle', на полу́ 'on the floor', на виду́ 'in visibility (=visible)'.

      Some feminine nouns (ending in -ь in nominative case) have a second prepositional case form too, but its only difference from the normal prepositional case is the place of stress. Some examples are в печи́ 'in the oven', в тиши́ 'in silence', в крови́ 'in blood', в тени́ 'in shadow', на мели́ 'aground, on the shoal'.

      I don't have a full list, but I have a hunch it shouldn't be long: for most nouns, the second prepositional case form doesn't exist.


      That's great. Thank you so much for your help :)

      [deactivated user]

        Russian is like an endless puzzle, mate. But nontheless our minds are also incredibly powerful.


        Yeah, I suppose so.


        Hmm. I was thinking "bank" would be "берег" in Russian, hence "...на берегу...". But just to be sure I checked the drop-down provided for "bank", and it said "банке". So, like a fool I used that instead, and got marked wrong, even though everything else in my sentence was correct. I reported it.


        Берегу is not an option when I click on "bank." Reported 04/08/2020


        Is... is... So I put находится twice... Wrong ! Why saying академія находиться на другом is wrong ?


        I exactly typed that now and it still says wrong. Now I just miss the , and the -


        Bug ! I am blocked ! Even with the right answer, it goes on saying wrong ! No way to skip it !

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