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"Мы вместе играем в баскетбол."

Translation:We are playing basketball together.

November 24, 2015



Why is it в instead of на?

[deactivated user]

    «В» is used when you talk about games:

    • Я игра́ю в ша́хматы. 'I play chess.'
    • Ирла́ндцы игра́ют в хёрлинг. 'Irish people play hurling.'
    • Я игра́ю в ку́клы. 'I play with my dolls.'

    «На» is used when you talk about musical instruments:

    • Окса́на игра́ет на банду́ре. 'Oksana plays bandura.'
    • Я учу́сь игра́ть на синтеза́торе. 'I'm learning to play keyboard.'
    • Она игра́ет на ци́не. 'She plays guqin.'


    So you play "on" an instrument, but "in" a game. That makes sense.


    In French I learnt 'je joue au basket' but 'je joue du piano' because it is different for sports/games and musical instruments although в and на don't have the same meaning as à and de.


    Why can't it be "we are together playing basketball" ?


    In English I think "we are playing basketball" automatically implies "together".


    We together play basketball. - Does it really sound unnatural?


    i cant even finish my lesson but i write the correct answer tf? i even added a dot at the end of this phrase but it's still wrong


    Together we play basketball?


    I never get the program to recognice my "мы".


    We are playing together basketball ?


    So, if this means "We are playing basketball together", how would you instead say "We are together playing basketball". For example, my mom calls me and wants to know if I'm with my brothers, so I want to emphasize I'm with them by answering "Yes, we're together playing basketball".


    There must be a bug in this one. I literally copy the text given as "Correct solution", and it still says what I write is wrong.

    ... and there seems no way to get past this point in the lesson.


    This one goes without saying, but "вместе", as in "in the (same) place".


    I write the correct sentence but not let me go on


    It wouldn't accept the correct (or any) answer for me either. Only way I was able to get past it was testing out of the level. The question still came up in the test and still wouldn't accept the correct answer, but it did not repeat the question.

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