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  5. "How is he feeling now?"

"How is he feeling now?"

Translation:Як він почувається зараз?

November 24, 2015



Just before, "Як ти себе почуваєш?" was fine, but "Як він себе почуває" is now wrong. Argh!


Can you say як він собі відчуває, or is that a russianism?


Yes, but with some correction. 'Як він себе почуває зараз?'. Both versions are equivalent but I would personally prefer to say one with "почуває себе".


"він відчуває щось" - "he can feel something", means that you/he/she can feel something outside. and "почуває" related to internal feeling/state - "він почуває себе добре"/he feels well. this is the difference in my mind and i'm using those in such way.


I learn by entering What comes froim my memory and then checking the dictionary (when available) to see if I was correct. This time the exercise was presented to me with a word list which only had почувається but the dictionary hint only has почуваєтеся. This means that the dictionary hint does not contain the correct variant if I were to double check my memory.

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