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  5. "Тут живёт мой брат."

"Тут живёт мой брат."

Translation:My brother lives here.

November 24, 2015



What's the problem with "Here lives my brother"?


Why is it 'tut' here rather than 'zdes''?


"Тут" and "здесь" are interchangeable and both are acceptable translations in this sentence.


In the notes before the course it explained that тут is more "informal", where здесь is "formal".

Could someone explain more what that means? Not quite sure I grasp that concept


It means that when you speak with a teacher, doctor, your boss, you'll use здесь. If you are talking with your friends, you will be using тут.


I don't understand the word order here, could you easily say мой брат живёт здесь?

If not, why not?


Do not rely on my answer because I may not be right but Russian sentence structure is very flexible so мой брат живёт здесь will be understood but the regular sentence structure for this kind of sentence is Place- Verb(if any) - Subject. So the final sentence is "Тут (Place) живёт (Verb) мой брат (Subject).".


If I write "here lives my brother" its wrong, go figure.


The word order you propose is a little non-standard, though not completely wrong. It sounds more like something from Lord of the Rings. "Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria." Sounds good for a Middle Earth dwarf's tombstone, super dramatic, but not so good in everyday English. :) Instead it would be better to say, "My brother lives here." If we wanted to phrase the sentence so that "Here" is at its beginning, we could say, "Here is where my brother lives."


I keep hearing about notes. Why no notes in the app?

[deactivated user]

    What's the problem with "my brother is living here" ???


    Tha audio is distorted or a little too fast


    How about "здесь живёт мой брат?"


    Here does my brother live!? Isn't that correct?


    In English, it is comprehensible but sounds very, very old fashioned to the point of poetic.

    Better options:

    • My brother lives here.
    • My brother is living here.
    • My brother does live here. (I would use this if directly contradicting someone who said, “Your brother doesn’t live here.” This response emphasizes “does” in “My brother does live here.”)


    How would one translate "This is where my brother lives?"


    "Here lives my brother" he exclaimed.

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