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"Идите по лестнице на второй этаж."

Translation:Take the stairs to the second floor.

November 24, 2015



In Russian the ground floor is первый этаж. So what we call the first floor is второй этаж.


That's the British/European system. In America we tend to go Ground Floor --> Second Floor. It's rather rare to find a building with a first floor that's not the ground floor.


In the U.S., "first floor" is even used more commonly than "ground floor."


Why take the stairs not go to the stairs? Идите also means take?? I am very confused - Go to the stairs...is wrong.


It's just because for some reason "take the stairs" became a fixed expression in English. You could also say "walk up (or down) the stairs".


Go VIA the stairs should be accepted as well as BY the stairs


"go via the stairs" is understandable but very unusual. "go by the stairs" sounds like you mean go near/next to the stairs or pass by the stairs on your way to something else. you would normally say "take the stairs" or "go up/down the stairs"


It seems to me using "go" rather than "take" should be accepted.???


I think that лестнице is dative ("leading to [somewhere]"). It could be prepositional, but I don't believe it fits the definitions for prepositional objects of по.
In either case, лестнице is singular. Although it is translated as "stairs", it can also be translated as "staircase", which means "the set of stairs leading from one level to another". In English, "staircase" is also singular, though "stairs" is plural.


The preposition "по" is absolutely correct in this sentence. Идти (to go) по лестнице, по дороге, по палубе, по городу etc.
You may also use plural stairs as ступени/ступеньки. Though we usually use this word when we mean just few steps.

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