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  5. "What do dogs eat?"

"What do dogs eat?"

Translation:Что едят собаки?

November 24, 2015



что собаки едят could work? thanks


As far as I know the order doesn't matter in Russian. I'm confused with this one.


My boyfriend (native speaker) assured me that it is both possible. But this is really confusing yes...


As far as I know, the order does matter in Russian. It has to do with emphasis. Not a native speaker, alas, so I cannot confirm this should be accepted (or currently is, alas, I am not quite awake and wrote apples instead of dogs.. XD).

However, the word order is definitely important.


Yes, it could work here :)


I also have this question...seems like it should, but I'll wait for a native speaker to answer before reporting it.

[deactivated user]

    What is the difference between едят and есть ?


    As far as I understand "есть" is "is" in english although the russians don't use it. I think you're referring to "ест" and "едят". If that't the case then the first is for sinple person as in "he is eating" (он ест) and the second one is plural as in "they are eating" (они едят).

    [deactivated user]

      I realised I typed 'есть' when I closed the window but I did indeed mean 'ест'. Thanks for the explanation!


      Есть is both the present tense conjugation for all persons and numbers of быть as well as the infinitive of "to eat," the irregular verb which conjugates to ест and едят


      How would you say "what eats dogs" ?


      Could Собаки едят что also work?


      No, the WH-word should go first :)

      Actually, there are some situations when you can use the mentioned word order :) But they are rare and need some specific context. A rhetorical question, for example:

      • What do dogs eat? Dogs eat meat of course!
      • Собаки едят что? Мясо, конечно!


      Yes, like a teacher prompting students with a question, '.. and a dog eats eats what?'


      How would you tell the difference between this meaning "What do dogs eat?", "What are the dogs eating?" and "What is eating the dogs?"


      The first two would have the same Russian translation that is at the top of the page. "What is eating the dogs?" would be "Что ест собак?"


      Might 'Что это собаки едят' be right as well?


      No. There are two reasons that wouldn't work here. The first reason is that это in your answer does not agree with собаки. We would need it to be plural (эти) to agree with the plural form собаки. The second reason is that using это produces a slightly different sentence than what they're asking you to translate. They're asking for a translation of "What do dogs eat?" but "Что эти собаки едят?" means "What do these dogs eat?" Here is a guide to using Это that might be helpful. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858


      I meant "what is what the dogs eat", like in "Что это ты пьешь?"


      That might work, but I'm not sure. I'm a beginner, but I think adding это makes the sentence mean "What are the dogs eating (right now)?" (i.e., you know they're eating something but you're not sure what it is) But "What do dogs eat?" (i.e., what do dogs eat in general) is simply "Что едят собаки?"


      If you want to know what the dogs are eating now, could you ask, 'собаки едят что-то?' I know it would technically be a yes/no question, but would intonation and context indicate you want to know what it is?


      Would you also be able to say "Собаки что едят"?


      I assume yes, but the emphasis could be on the what, such as when someone is told they eat poo for the first time: "WHAT do dogs eat?"


      Why not ect instead of edyat


      ect = is (one person), edyat = are (multiple people)


      I'm a little bit confused by the pronunciation. It sounds like Yédyat (stressing the dirst syllable) while I would expect it to be Yedyát (second syllable). Any ideas on what is right here?


      You are correct. Unfortunately the robot often gets the stress wrong.


      Is едят and ,ест are synonyms


      They are conjugations of the verb есть

      Я ем

      Ты ешь

      Он/она/оно ест

      Мы едим

      Вы едите

      Они едят


      What was your answer? It's hard to determine whether you or the program made an error without that information.


      The answer is: "Собаки едят всё" We all know that dogs eat everything :]

      [deactivated user]

        No Russian keyboard so can't type


        Why we used едят instead of ест


        The third person plural (ie. Они-they) requires a different conjugation.


        As что id the object in this sentence, is it что because it is inanimate (hopefully) as oppsed to чего (if the dog would eat something animate)? What about when we want to ask about what do animals that eat other animals - would then it be чего? Спасибо


        Что is a word that grammatically is always inanimate (i.e. the accusative form always matches the nominative). Words don't have different animacy based on different contexts, animacy is fixed, so for что they decided to go with inanimate and that's that.


        Что is actually the object, and собаки is the subject.


        That is true but I'm not sure what it has to do with our discussion.


        Well, the original post claims that что is the subject, so I thought it would be important to clarify that it is not.


        I'm really confused, amirbd's post literally says that что is the object.


        Hmm, okay, I probably misread it.

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