"Are these your children?"

Translation:Это ваши дети?

November 24, 2015

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I ansered эти ваш дети. So the это does not become plural too?


Это functions as a pronoun here, meaning "these are", and not as an adjective. The question can be rewritten as "these are your children?" You could say "эти дети ваши?" which would translate to "are these children yours?" because эти is an adjective that describes "children".


So would 'Эти дети ваши?' be ok here?


I would like to know this too please. The correct answer to a previous exercise was "ето вода ваша".


That would mean "are these children yours?" which is similar enough but not the same.


So это here doesn't mean "this is"? Since you're referring to an evidently plural subject, why would the question not acknowledge that?


Это when it serves as the demonstrative pronoun doesn't change form with gender, so why would it with number? Это means "this is" or "these are".

You may find it helpful to read olimo's guide if you haven't already: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858


Отлично! I started studying Russian 30 years ago, but I've never really felt comfortable with the distinction between это и этот/эта/это/эти... always second guessing myself. Very helpful and useful info in olimo's article. I recommend it to all!


Отлично!! Very helpful.. thanks !!


dear god, thank you


Why is это дети ваши not accepted? This way ваши is emphasized, because that is the focus of the question. And in a previous question, это вода ваша was translated as "Is this water yours?": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11610940

(Note: Yes, I've noticed that the order in English is different, which adds more emphasis to "yours", but the focus is on "yours" in both cases, because the water and children are existing information.)


What about: "Это твоё дети?" It gave me only a typo error but was accepted.


можно Эти дети ваши?


Hmmm, but in english you could say are these your children》 or 《are these children yours》 and it woild convey the same idea. Why not in russian 《это дети ваши》?


Why not Эти твой дети?


because твой is for singular male nouns. Instead you should use твои and change эти for это (that it also means "these are" or "are these").


I've seen the question on это vs. этот/эта/это/эти... keep coming up. The threads were useful to clear that up. Now does anyone have a more extensive explanation/link to share re твой, твои, ваша, etc..? Thanks!


If I were to ask "Is this your girl?", would I say "Это ваша девочка" or "Эта ваша девочка"?


We'll find out in time...


3 weeks... In time. In time.


Patience is a virtue :-p


Это ваша девочка.


I believe you can say: "Это ваша дебочка?" which is, "Is this your girl?" or "Эта дебочка ваша?" which is, "Is this girl yours?"


You've got it, except one letter - it's "девочка".


Sorry. This quest was posted already.


Is it a mistake to write "ЭТИ твои дети?" ?? or... is it better to write "ЭТО твои дети"?? :(


"Are these your children?"

"Это твои ребенки?"

No good?


Nope, because there's no plural form "ребёнки". The normal plural of "ребёнок" is "дети".

There is a plural form "ребята" but that often is closer to English "guys" rather than "children".


спасибо :)


Why is ребёнки marked incorrect?


@ Theron126 But still google translator says ребёнки is Kinder/enfants/kids


Why “ Эти дети твои?” is wrong?


That translates a slightly different sentence: "Are these children yours?" and I think they want to teach the distinction between the two uses of это: as a demonstrative adjective, and as a demonstrative pronoun (i.e. attached to a noun, or not). See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/11536858.


I see. Thanks. I went too creative, I guess. But anyway, I hope I would be understood by Russians with this sentence and that's all I want to get from this course, practical knowledge of the language.


I agree, in almost any situation the English sentences, and also the Russian I think, would amount to the same thing. I suspect some of these distinctions are stressed here because they're stressed in Russian schools - but there's probably a reason for that...

It can be hard to know when a free translation is allowed, or even required. I don't think they had the resources to go over the course with a fine-tooth comb, making everything consistent.


Agreed. It is a different story when you learning from a teacher in person. Here we have a computer program, but still, I am thankful that I am progressing, building the vocabulary and be able by now to have a simple conversation or even watch a movie. It is a journey. There was a day when I did not know a single word. Bit by bit I'll get there....


Why is it ваши and not твоё?


Try “твои”, should be ok.


I have 6 small children and am currently living in Russia. I get asked this question all the time. It can also be asked, "с ваши!?" or "with you!?"


It told me I had a typo in my answer even though it only gave me a few options of words to put? It told me "Это твои дети" was right instead of "Это твоё дети" (the only option I had) and now here on "Discuss" it says it has to be "Это ваши дети"?? I am so confused...?


Why are ваши and вашe pronounced in the same way ? Is it the audio wrong, or just a normal rule of pronunciation? I'm confused...


Unstressed vowels are normally reduced to a schwa-like sound in Russian, so, yes, they do sound the same.

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