"It is a large zoo."

Translation:Это большой зоопарк.

November 24, 2015

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It doesn't accept большой or большое...only Крупный. Although the suggestion points большой and other variants as correct.


I experienced this same error too.


What's wrong with: Оно большой зоопарк.


"It is" and ""this is" usually in most cases translates as "это" in Russian, so you can't translates this sentence as "он большой зоопарк" (your choice would be "he is a big zoo", it is not proper Russian).

It doesn't work this way in Russian that you wrote. You can say either "это зоопарк, он большой" (it is a zoo, it is big) or "это большой зоопарк" (it is a big zoo). Because if you want to say in Russian that some object exists you should use the word "это + noun", if you want to say that this object has some features you should use the construction "это + adjective + noun":

"Это камера, она профессиональная" = "It is a camera, it is a professional one"

"Это профессиональная камера" = "It is a professional camera"

"Это дерево, оно старое" = "It is a tree, it is old"

"Это старое дерево" = "It is an old tree"


But what is wrong with большая? Even the word hit for large suggests большая, yet это большая зоопарк is marked wrong?


Большая is the feminine counterpart to masculine большой and neuter большое. If you are familiar with languages such as French or German, this would be like saying "Ein schöner Frau" or "Un belle homme"


Thanks for explaining, I got it right by correcting the ending. However, the word DL was showing in the answer was entirely different which was causing my confusion. Thanks for helping!


You are welcome, and there is a general problem with the hints suggesting wrong words. I have also experienced this in many other courses on here, even larger ones such as German.


"un bel homme"


it has a feminine ending unlike "zoopark"


Why is this это but not этот?


Этот большой зоопарк means "This large zoo" Это большой зоопарк means "This is a large zoo"

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