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  5. "We were not students."

"We were not students."

Translation:Nous n'étions pas étudiants.

January 9, 2013



In addition to the Vous/Nous issue, shouldn't this be d'étudiants because you don't use des with negation?


Is the d' missing in front of étudiants because student is considered a profession, which is treated as an adjective after être?


We/vous not correct


since when is 'we' translated as 'vous' ????? There really are far too many mistakes on this site, versions that are not correct English, etc. The outcome is that one is left trying to guess what's in the head of the person setting the questions, NOT what the best answer is!!!. This is amking it difficult to progress, and people will be inclined to just give up the struggle


I totally agree


as this thing progresses more and more students give up because of the poor feedback so the further you go the less correction there is because there are fewer proof readers.

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