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Where's the female?

It says male and female nouns but most of the nouns were male such as Koch and Professor. I know you mostly add -in at the end to make it female but still. There also needs to be more sentences or something. It got tedious writing the same thing over and over.

May 30, 2012



You are right. This lesson looks like it is not finish. Almost all the sentences are about Koch and lernen ... You have to improve it. It must have a lot of thing to say about gender of nouns in German...


I want to point out that, in addition to adding -in at the end of the male version of the word, often the vowel receives an umlaut as well. So der Koch / die Köchin, der Arzt / die Ärztin and so on.


I totally agree! where is the rest?


I agree, this lesson should be greatly improved. There are a lot of tricky plurals that should be included here.


Some sentences from other lessons could be recycled as well. Or easily... changed into feminine! Jobs, animals (like der Kater und die Katze, where the generic word is feminine) and... Oh, my, so many things are possible! :)


Yes, this skill still needs some work. Good point and we are working on it as we speak (or write)!

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