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what's up level 7 French

I reached the end of level 6. Suddenly I need nearly three hundred points to leave it and move on to level 7. By going over and over the same material I am slowly accumulating points at the rate of 2 or 3 per lesson.

I am going over and over the same lessons. I'm repeating lessons that I get perfect scores on.

I'm not sure what the point of the endless repetition is.

January 9, 2013



You should not bother much about levels. They correspond only to the total of your skill points, nothing else. As far as I can see from your French skill tree, you need to complete the lessons on Animals to be able to go further. You can also “master” Basics, Basics 2 and Food; for that, you'll have to do some “real-world” translations or refresh sessions (that depends on the lesson, sometimes there are translations and sometimes there are refreshes).

When you learn Animals and go on further down the tree, you'll certainly get all the points you need to gain level 7 =)


Thank you for your help. I thought the warning about level 7 was an indicator that I needed to do more review before being allowed to proceed with lessons. Since I was already doing lots of review that didn`t bother me but it did seem like a rather large hurdle to go through to get to the next lesson.

As you pointed out there was nothing stopping me from moving on to the next lesson but my own linear mind. However it did cause me to do some of the translation exercises which were very interesting and dynamic lessons on their own.


If you have reached a stage where you keep your 3 hearts through all the exercises, the only way to get more points is to go to "translations". You may be lucky and only have to give notes (pick and submit) to existing translations, but you will get plenty of points.


I wondered if that might be the case but when I looked at one of the translations it looked like a french language wikipedia entry on the musk ox.

A little bit beyond someone who is that the level of I eat the banana. The only reason I even knew it was about the musk ox is because I worked in a region that they inhabit. At least I`m guessing it was about musk ox. Maybe it was about tainted beef.

I must be missing where there is an explanation of how it all works.


I tried a couple of translation exercises. I discovered that if I actually select one then its structure changes to allow mouse over translation of the words.

Very interesting task what with me knowing all the notes (since they are given) but still not being able to play the song.

I did rack up a bunch of points and even got voted the best translation on one effort.

Many thanks to Sitesurf for encouraging me to try what seemed like an impossible assignment.


You are most welcome. You know, there are wise guys here who only translate the easiest sentences (what with those already in English...). If you pick a translation early enough (go to Recently Added), you may have a choice (before wise guys have picked them...). Good luck, keep me posted on your progress.

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