"We go to the theater today."

Translation:Andiamo al teatro oggi.

January 9, 2013

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It didn't accept "andiamo oggi al teatro". Why? I thought that adverbs of time came immediately after the verb.


It is ok. I also wrote it.


But Duo didn't accept it again today (29/2/16)!


it can be translated also with "oggi andiamo a teatro", but it says i'm missing "oggi" at the end. I think it should be corrected!


Would it be acceptable to say "al teatro" since it's to the theatre --> a + il teatro?


Actually it is accepted like that.


Both are OK, but the emphasis is different.

Vado al teatro - I go to a specific theater that is known by the context (maybe I drive there in order to pick up someone).

Vado a teatro - I go to [a/the] theater, in purpose to watch a play (or doing another thing in there). The "being" in the theater is what emphasized, not the specific place.

Both could be said in the situation of going to see a play, "al" just don't say implicitly that you will watch a specific play, and "a" do not refer to THE specific theater, but context can resolve that.


@GidiZisk Following your reasoning, I would ask you to use the word "cinema, as you know, in Italian it's the same word"... how would you say in Italian "I go to the cinema today".

We say "vado a teatro" if we go to the theater, it doesn't matter what you're going to do there, but usually it means going to watch something. But if you're going to a specific theater, you use "al"... "vado al teatro Sistina" (I go to Sistina theater).


sure, you can say that way too! :)


When do we use 'verso' and when do we use 'a'? Previous question was 'vado verso una strada'.


If you guys need more help with updating the answers, I am available... Seems the duggestions are not acted upon... 4 months is too long


Why would "Andiamo allo teatro oggi" be wrong? Thanks! April 2017


Because "the theatre" is "il teatro" not "lo teatro" - so "to the theatre is "al teatro". "To the study" would be "allo studio" as the study is "lo studio".


Thank you! Have a couple of lingots! :)


Could I put 'oggi' to the front?


@ron170117"Oggi vado a (not al) teatro", of course you can, but DL probably wouldn't accept that, not because it's wrong, but because he doesn't know anything about the order.


In general when "the" becomes part of the answer and when it doesn't. I would use alla, "to the theater today". Not "al"


It should be 'a teatro', I believe. You only say 'al' if you are going to specify a particular theatre.


@Jan193101 Correct! You're very good! "Vado a teatro", "vado al teatro Sistina".


I get so confused with dal and al. I seem to use them wrong every time! Any insights from the advanced students? :(


Why is -Andiamo oggi al teatro - wrong?


In English it is far more correct to say 'we ARE GOING to the theatre today'.

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