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  5. "наше озеро"

"наше озеро"

Translation:our lake

November 24, 2015



why is it наше instad of наш


Because "озеро" is neuter.


So наше is for neuter words? If that's the case is наш for masculine or femine?


наше for neuter words. Example: наше озеро, наше окно

наш is for masculine words. Example: наш дом, наш конь

наша is for feminine words. Example: наша кошка, наша машина

Hope this clarifies it for you :)


And наши for plural words.


how do we know if a word is a masculine a feminine or a neuter word? is it just by memorising or is there any rule? I know that some words that end with 'a' and 'ya' is supposed to be feminine but i am not sure about the others. Thanks.


I think the general rules are:

words ending in a consonant - masculine; words ending 'а' or 'я' - feminine; words ending 'о' or 'е' - neuter; words ending 'ь' - masculine or feminine (I think you just have to memorise these).

There are some exceptions, e.g. 'папа' is masculine.

Hope that helps. I've not been doing this long, so hopefully someone with a bit more experience will confirm (or correct) what I've written above.


this is for singular tho right? is нашe the only plural form regardless of gender?


Наши is the plural form. Gender doesn't matter in plural.


I don't hear the difference between 'наше озеро' and 'наши озёра'. Do you have any tips on what I should pay attention to?


The letter ё is always stressed. So, озеро is pronounced like ó-zy-ra озёра is pronounced like a-zyó-ra


Наше озеро=our lake, Наши озёра= our lakes.


I am pronouncing it correctly! Have you got something against tones of voice?!


In the English phrase "our lake", 'our' is a possesive adjective. In "The lake is ours", 'ours' is a personal pronoun. I'm guessing there could be a similar difference in Russian. Also, you need a definite article for 'lake' in that clause in English.


is the e in наше not pronounced in this sentence?


I hope to figure out copy and paste in the discussions with all the helpful tips here.

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