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Activity doesn't count towards streak?

Twice now, I've had a streak that is lost, even though I'm doing Duolingo every day. What are the actual requirements to continue a streak? Do you have to advance / pass a lesson? It seems that doing the "strengthen skills" lessons doesn't count, nor does attempting a lesson and failing out of it.

November 28, 2013



Think I found the answer... you have to get "skill points" in order for your activity to count. So failing a lesson won't count. Doing 3 lessons and failing out of all of them won't count. Which sucks, but admittedly is a good way to encourage actual improvement/advancement.


If you want to "cheat" your way out of it by making sure you get at least 1 new skill point, do a Timed Practice. You get a skill point for every right answer -- so you just have to answer right only once and hop, you're fine till the next day :-)


That's not cheating, it's exactly what the staff wants to happen. Keep website visits up. :D


Great idea, thanks! It was pretty frustrating to be on a 7-day streak, and fail out of a tough lesson... and then also lose the streak.

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