"S'il vous plaît, du vin !"

Translation:Wine, please!

January 9, 2013

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Why doesn't "please, some wine" work? I know it's clumsy but surely it's the literal translation?


I think that would be expressed as "Si'l vous plait, un peu de vin". (Sorry, I've just now lost access to accents). this way there is no possibility of dropping the article in English.


Yea, but in the explanation of the word "du" it says it can be translated to "some"


Yes, Alpha, it can and this does cause confusion as to when the article may be dropped in English. My guess is that your English was marked rather than your content. We wouldn't naturally say "Please, some wine" but "Some wine, please" and I appreciate that this is "splitting hairs", yet all I can think is that your structure was marked down.


no. some say it that way, awkward or not, its not wrong. I reported it. But duo hasnt responded yet. Anyway... :\


I said the same thing T^T


It's hard for it to understand me. I've repeated the phrase like 30 times.


This thing doesn´t understand me, and i´m sure that i´m doing it nice >:(


I'm having the same problem. My bonus round timed out while I repeated this umpteen times with no luck. I've not had this much trouble on other sentences.


It happens only here.


It's hard to hear what she says in this one.


Why is "If you please" not acceptable?


I wrote "If you please, wine" and was marked incorrect. (??) Was that too literal?


@baqman and 10doctorpoe and Tracy. "If you please, wine" is not incorrect but it is unnatural English. Also, "If you please" is now quite archaic and is less of a polite request and more of an order/command when used now and would always finish the sentence, not start it. "S'il vous/te plait" now just means "Please" and no more. I think you've been marked down for your English understanding, which seems a little harsh, but here we are discussing it and hopefully you are becoming accustomed to how translation can sometimes trip us up even when we are well aware of what the words in a French sentence mean. I think you are right, baqman, in that your solution was too literal.


Why not Please, wine?


You just would not say this in English as a native English speaker. (Well not for a British Aussie anyways. Maybe you would say that in the States?? I'm not sure.) I'm not saying that you couldn't, but it does sound very unnatural


'the wine, please', is this correct?


no because du vin isn't the wine. It's just wine or some wine.


Ah! But... Duo also marked wrong if I didn't include the "Le Vin" along with the "Du Vin" option in the Tick-Box excercise. Please explain.


Everything went fine till here. It doesn't take my sentence, no matter how often, how fast or slow etc. I repeat it.


do you wish some wine cant be a translation?


Not for this sentence, no. It's not phrased as a question.


It sounds like "s'il vous plaît, du va"


That is how 'vin" is pronounced - with a soft almost inaudible 'n' at the end. and the 'i' sound is more like an 'ah' (though shortened) sound.


Why doesn't "If you please, some wine!" work? That's the literal translation!


I ask the same question as richarry: What is wrong with "Please, some wine"?


For some reason it didnt like when I said "wine please!" and told me it was, "can I please get some wine?" which is clearly not right.


Whats thw difference with s'il te plaît and vous plaît? Do you use vous more when asking for some


some? Bref, "Vous" is used formally to/with strangers, an authority figure, and to/with the likes. Alors que "te" is used informally or casually to / with friends, close friends or someone you`re very close to / with. :D Unless a native french speaker corrects me or adds something else:)


"S'il vous plaît, du vin" i translated as "Please, some wine" and it corrected me(and told i got it wrong) to "Can i please get some wine?".... Why? There wasn't a (?) in there.


@jmas01. I'm not fluent in French but for me the correction is wrong and should be reported. Your solution was not incorrect but is a little too word-for-word; in English the translation is somewhat awkward. The "Please" normally comes at the end of a sentence in UK. The translation given at the top of this page confirms that and seems also to confirm that the correction you were given is wrong. Swapping the exclamation mark for a question mark alone is wrong never mind the wording mangle. Your solution is closer to the sentence by far. Maybe a fluent French speaker has a comment.


i put please, wine but i got marked wrong :(


Why " please, wine ! " is a wrong translation ?


Why " please, wine ! " is a wrong translation ?


I beleive it should be accepted because we are learning the language. Please, some wine, would have worked for a beginner.


Why "please wine" is wrong??


please, some wine should work. some wine please or please some wine, what is the difference.


Well, @janwyan. You have just been "Duo'd". You have been introduced to the dropped article when translating to English and at the same time the "Flipped" construction. I think that this is harsh but I breached this awful lesson's teachings and as I am not alone, neither are you. There is so so so much to say on this and no space to do justice to the subject. Basically, in UK English, we wont say "Please, some wine". Not unless we are a wino in the gutter. This sentence doesn't even have a question mark. It has an exclamation...!... It is not a request, it is an order! The "Please" is not polite and therefore in English will not precede the requested noun. This is Duo doing its level best to introduce some reality, some difference.... a little less formality and some divergence. For me, this is an obnoxious prat ordering caring serveures around as if he owned the place. As far as the course goes, this is Duo introducing us to dropping the article when translating to English (1) and Flipping the structure when a request becomes an order(2) If I was programming this course I am certain I would have missed this crucial point. Cordial. JJ.


please some wine

is now being accepted :)


Yeah, good job on French!


first i thought it was "please wine" but actullay i got it right :)


I think duo has a drinking problem

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