"Мы обсуждаем концерт."

Translation:We are discussing the concert.

November 25, 2015

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I thought "talk about" had already been added to "обсуждать" ?


"We are talking about the concert" still not accepted as of 02/16/2017. I've reported it.


Keep reporting it whenever it comes up. It takes a while to completely debug


I was wondering if talk about would work too. It sounds like it's a correct translation but not yet accepted by the system.


Talk is говори́ть. Talking and discussing, while being both forms of oral communication, are distinct in Russian and English.


But talking about and discussing - at least in a context like this one - are synonymous in English, and the former is used much more frequently.


This long word might derive from ждать, to wait. But no. I checked and found that it's actually related to суд, a law court.


Hey mxlgreg, how did you manage to get the word to which it was related? It would be very interesting to me to know haw to do that. Thanks !


Taking the prefix and suffix off обсуждать left сужд- or суж- which looks like a word root. I looked up my small Russian dictionary and found the word суд ,tribunal, court. You can also find the root, суд-, judge, in a book called "Roots of the Russian Language" which lists some other derivatives like судья, a judge, and рассудок, mind, reason.


Thank you so much !!!


You can also look it up on Wiktionary.


And if you also look at the Russian Wiktionary, you will usually find an etymology by Max Vasmer, which will tell you if it came from proto-Slavic and will give you all the cognates in Slavic and other languages .


If you put in etymology (the study of word origins) and the Russian word, that should bring it up.


Hey, i want to clarify something different. If i used -and it's possible to use- "мы концерт обсуждаем", that it means "we are discussing the concert", however "мы обсуждаем концерт" is more accurate to say "we are discussing a concert". This will help me in all other sections.



I've noticed now with several exersices that the audio merges the vowel from the end of one word with the vowel at the start of the next. «Мы обсуждаем» sounds more like «Ми́о обсуждаем». Is that just the audio or is that how some people talk (not counting slurring words of course)? I have not noticed it when I talk we my Russian speaking friends, but they tend to speak slower and clearer for me.


I think "we are discussing about the concert" should be accepted


Discuss is a transitive verb, you wouldn't put a preposition there. It already means to "talk about" something.


Would о концерте work? Surely if we were using the verb говорить, we'd say "мы говорим о концерте"


@Peter435682 - You are 100% right about говорить о концерте. Обсуждать / обсудить requires a direct object though (accusative cause) - обсудить концерт.

The noun, обсуждение, does use o though (обсуждение о концерте).


Awesome, many thanks.


We are talking about the concert

This was not accepted. Is is technically incorrect?


Suggest it, it should be accepted (it was accepted for similar questions).


Why is "концерт" in nominative case?


It is accusative case. However, inanimate (non-living) masculine nouns and their adjectives keep their nominative endings in the accusative. The exception are "people-like" inanimate things, like робот.


I do not where I could mention this. It is not not related to this sentence. I just want say that the orange colour on white background used for some words is really hard to read. Coul you change it to more contrasty? Thanks in advance.


"We are discussing the concerts" i accidentally clicked the wrong one... thanks duolingo

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