"Да, зелёный стол лучше."

Translation:Yes, the green desk is better.

November 25, 2015

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Is лучше an adverb? It doesn't seem to be declined as an adjective modifying стол.


It's a comparative adjective. It doesn't change endings like regular adjectives.


Apparently even in Russia there's disagreement about whether this sort of a word is an adjective or an adverb. And in fact the word лучший also exists.


Actually, as listed in every dictionary, it is first a comparative (and superlative too) adjective; secondly and adverb, being - as I suppose - the original neuter short form of the adjective. Adverbs in Russian and most indoeuropean languages are usually made with the neuter form of an adjective. As you say лучший also exists (comparative and superlative too), and this is a true adjective used jointed with a noun: for instance лучшего начальника нельзя найти. But for the predicative form (X is better than Y) I think than only лучше is used.


Who else read it as "the desk is better green" "the desk is better in green"


Hi :-) I answered: "Yes, the green table is better" but it wasn't accepted


It seems to me, she can't make up her mind! ;D

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