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  5. Thanks for the hard work.


Thanks for the hard work.

Just wanted to thank everyone that's worked on this. I took 3 years of Russian in high school and even went on a 10 day school trip over there that was absolutely amazing. I took a year in college but unfortunately due to my own negligence with scheduling wasn't able to continue with it. I was by no means fluent but I could get my listening to normal everyday conversations and basic text.

This course will definitely help me pick it back up as this is something I enjoyed doing and we'll see what happens after I complete it.

Thanks again to everyone!

November 25, 2015



I also really appreciate this course. I've just been fiddling with it but I've been surprised that I'm actually picking stuff up more easily than I thought I would. I have quite a few people in my life, including my dad, my roommate, and quite a few friends, who have various degrees of fluency in Russian, and I'm hoping this course will get me up to the point where I can engage these people in conversation and start learning more through actually speaking the language!

Russian seems like such an important and useful language and it's relatively uncommonly taught in the U.S, especially below the college level.


Glad to hear that! As a native speaker of Russian I'm very glad to see that many people interested in this language. If you need a help ask at anytime. Удачи в учёбе!

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