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"Farfar mindes inte var han var."

Translation:Grandfather did not remember where he was.

November 25, 2015



That is a really depressing sentence


Hope this won't make it worse, but it made me think of this 'grandpa anecdote' I once heard from a relative who lives in the countryside. His neighbor who was really old, like 95 or something, had gone to some sort of party and his son, age maybe 70, had gone with him. So there was booze at the party and the son got drunk and made a fool of himself. So the old guy said afterwards: See, that's what happens when you bring your kids to parties.


First time I notice that var can have these two meanings.


Among other things it can also mean 'pus', as in the goo that appears during infections/inflammations. (Sorry I couldn't resist mentioning this).


Oh fantastiskt! haha! Jag är läkare och kan föreställa(?) mig att säga (can imagine myself saying) "Var var var(en/ett)?!" (Where was (the) pus?)

Hjälp mig! Jag behöver det! Jag skriver svenska dåligt fortfarande. Am I even close?! I am a bit of a wimp at trying to actually skriva saker på svenska men vill försöka mer ofta för att förbattra min svenska. (Edited)


Var var varet? is certainly correct. There's an opportunity for a tasteless pun here (I happen to like those): there's also more than one verb vara. One means 'to be' as I'm sure you know. Another one means 'to last', as in 'the concert lasted for an hour', and a third of course means 'emit pus'. And there's a saying Det var roligt så länge det varade which really means 'It was fun while it lasted', but because of this double meaning, if you say it in a 'pus' context, you'll have your pus pun. :D

It's a bit odd to use hjälpa about your Swedish, you want to förbättra 'improve' your Swedish instead.


Tack! I am experimenting with my vocabulary at the moment and as you an see it does not always work out! Some words translate quite literally and others... not so much! haha! Oh well, making mistakes is how we learn right?!

Förbattra - that seems almost literally "for better"... if it isn't it is at least a damn good mnemonic. Was my use of föreställa correct? I got that from google (the dictionary not the translator) and it seemed the closest to what I meant.

In terms of pus... I am looking forward to having a more fluent grasp of the language so I can fully enjoy pus puns on a regular basis! I am trying to make myself comment on here in svenska more often so that I can be held accountable for my mistakes! I have been using Lang 8 too which is great but I never know what to write and I have had a few bits of contradictory advice.

Onwards to fluency and pus puns!


This is why i love swedish


Huh, interesting, var in Hungarian is the scabbing that forms over wounds. Pretty close in concept.


Fascinating :)


So why can't the translation be 'Grandfather forgot where he was?'.


That would be Farfar glömde var han var.


Shouldn't it be "Farfar mindes inte där han var"? Or are both correct? And what about a sentence like: "Vi har just kommit tillbaka från semester i Italien där vi tog många kort"? Is there any difference? Should I use 'där' or 'var'?


"Där" is often translated as "there," but when it's translated as "where" it means something more like "at which." I found the examples at https://sv.bab.la/lexikon/svensk-engelsk/d%C3%A4r useful.


I'm still not sure if I get it, can you give me examples of sentences where I can use där but not var and the other way?

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