"O agasalho da mulher é rosa."

Translation:The woman's coat is pink.

January 9, 2013

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Earlier on in the lessons about clothes, the translation of agasalho was given as "warm clothes". In English, my native language, the term "warm clothes" is nonspecific, and could mean just one, or several items of clothing. When I translated the question as "The woman's warm clothes are pink" it was flagged as an error. I fail to see why this word "agasalho" must be a coat.


It should be considered correct. It exactly what "agasalho" means in Portuguese:

...nonspecific, and could mean just one, or several items of clothing.

Of course, 'coat' ("casaco") is an "agasalho" too... :)


And yet it still isn't fixed, three years later. I have reported it again.


What is the difference between agasalho and casaco? Both seem to mean coat, but I wonder if they refer to different types.


I am a native speaker and to me,

Agasalho is something you use to get warm, like a coat, jacket, sweater, and even pants. " Most of time, when people say 'agasalho' a kind of these pictures comes to my mind:

<pre> http://www.compraragasalhos.com/2012/01/02/agasalhos-com-estampas/ </pre>

Casaco is something like a overcoat but small. A "casaco" has bottons or zipper to open, usually at the front part. It is something like this: http://blogs.odiario.com/cenafashion/wp-content/uploads/sites/69/2013/04/casaco-no-estilo-Chanel.jpg


Just for information, there are other words too, that we use:

"blusa" ou "blusa de frio" is every clothe that we use to get our chest and arms warm, like jacket, sweater, etc. - This word is very used in Brazil, at least I use more "blusa" or "blusa de frio" than "casaco" and "agasalho".

jaqueta = jacket


blusa de moletom = sweatshirt

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So, agasalho is a light jacket, or even a "hoodie" which sometimes has a zipper and sometimes not, but always has a hood. A casaco is a more heavy coat for colder weather. Is this correct? :)


No, agasalho is everything use for cold weather, it can be light or not. A "casaco" can be a "agasalho" but not all "agasalho" is a "casaco". A "casaco" is something we have buttons and zippers, and it can be light or not.


Why 'da' instead of 'de'?

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Da = de + a "of the"


Is there no masculine form of the adjective "rosa" or does it not apply here? Is "rosa" used for both masculine and feminine nouns?

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As I tried masculine nouns with the word "pink," such as "pink shoe," it gave me "sapato rosa." So, I think it is "rosa" for both feminine and masculine nouns.


Yes, that's correct. Rosa do not have gender.

O sapato rosa.

A bolsa rosa.


It also does not change when applied to plural:

  • Os sapatos rosa.

  • As bolsas rosa.


how can winter coat be wrong?

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Definition for "rosa" = pink; rose. "The woman's coat is rose." should also be a correct translation.


I believe that "rosa"= rose when speaking about flowers, but not colors, in english. In french, for example, the word for the rose flower (rose) and the color pink (rose) are the same. But in English, rose is only used for the flower, not the color. "Rose-colored" makes more sense, as marshalTHErtist states. Could any Brazilian/s clear this up for us?


What is the Portuguese word for 'jumper'? It isn't accepted here even though 'sweater' is one of the options. Thanks.


From wordreference: "sueter" or "malha." [http://www.wordreference.com/enpt/jumper]. But as an American, I am not entirely sure what a 'jumper' is, but I hope this helps.


Jumper is British English for sweater.


On a lighter note, jumper is also Australian English for sweater. So what do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a sheep? Answer: A woolly jumper


I wrote "woman's coat is pink" and it was wrong. Why? Why would it be right "her coat is pink"?


You have to use "the" when you have genitive case ('s) with nouns.


Duolingo needs to be consistent with its acceptance of warm clothing and winter clothing... "The woman's warm clothing is pink" was marked wrong... I've started using warm clothing for agasalho instead of winter clothing because that got marked wrong in several answers... Now warm clothing is wrong also... I don't just want to say coat as that's a much more specific clothing.


why is winter coat wrong?


Before it said agasalho was winter clothes but now it wont accept it. Duo needs to make up its mind.


Not fair. My dictionary says agasalho means warm clothing

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