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Russian for German Speakers

First of big thanks for the Russian team to create this Russian for English speakers course. I really like Russian and doing this course. It would be great to give more people the opportunity to learn Russian in their native language. It is also pleasing to see the Russian for Turkish speakers course created

Since we already have one course teaching Russian it can be used as a template for future ones. I propose that Duolingo try to create a Russian for German speakers course, as German for Russian already exists, and German probably has more speakers wanting to learn Russian than any other European language (due to geography and demographics)

November 25, 2015



I would love this. I want to learn Russian but while reinforcing the German I've learned. Doing the Russian from English course feels like I'm letting my German waste away.


Yes, absolutely. This would be great not just for native Germans but for advanced German students.

Anyone know if a Russian for German speakers course is in development? It's been a while and if German for Russian already does exist, it shouldn't take long to reverse it, no?


As someone who is trying to ladder their languages, this is something that I want badly.


I would also apreciate a russian for german speakers course. The grammar of german and russian are quite similar. So therefore I think learning the cases in russian might be easier with german as starting point.

If someone starts the course creation I am willing to contribute. My starting point would be translating the russian for english speakers into german.


Any news on this? Has a project been started in any way?

I would even be interested in contributing in some capacity -- I've even already done personal exercises writing down translations in German (EN-RU course). I'm not a native speaker of either language, however my German is quite good. Therefore I could assist, but not carry.

I find it interesting that the most popular course for German speakers here is English. In my experience most Germans already know English from elsewhere so I would imagine they'd come here for other languages. Very possible though that they use English as a "bridge language" as was already mentioned here, and to me that's simply unnecessary. Why would you want to do that?

(sidenote: as a non-native, it actually irritates me that Germans increasingly use English words and phrases in their speech when a completely suitable German equivalent exists. Recently, I heard the verb "managen", pronounced the English way, in the middle of otherwise German speech! Ugfffhh...)

Edit: another sidenote, a more important one... Wikipedia would imply that there are 75-100 million foreign German speakers and a total of 175-220 million worldwide. As far as I can remember, the population of Germany is roughly 85 million. You do the math -- there are a LOT more speakers of German than you might think.


Hi, I´d also like to see German to Russian. I have some German and I have found learning German to Spanish, and Spanish to German is very good practise of German while learning Spanish. Next I will be learning Russian to German but I would prefer to learn German to Russian as well as Russian to German.


https://www.russlandjournal.de/russisch-lernen/podcast/ Guter Postcast auf Deutsch, kostenlos. Pdf erhältlich nicht teuer.

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